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[173] i understand
From/rhythm v2 Host: ( )
Date/2020/7/14 (Tue)17:28

        i do i knew i did something wrong out of curiosity i did it because i wanted to know what would happen that was a mistake i hope i learn from them see you later (alright where did my deep fried bread go?)

[172] Re: anyone could help with voltage rpg?
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/7/13 (Mon)22:57

        To rhythm,

I banned you because you kept writing random things on this BBS and also, this is the biggest reason though, you pretended to be me here. I'm not sure whether you understand what BBS of individual websites are, but at least it's not your scribbling pad. And pretending to be other people is just confusing others. If you do the same things on common online services like SNS, your account will be soon deleted without any warnings.

This BBS is not a free forum. I set it for my purpose on my website. So I want people to follow my intention. At least you should have read the sentence just below the title of this BBS, and you'd have understood the purpose of it.

There is one more thing. I don't want people to spoil about my games here because there are also people who don't want to see spoilers and want to clear my games by themselves. In addition, as the developer, I don't want to reveal the tricks or techniques about my games myself. Otherwise I can't understand why I thought a lot of things and adjusted the balance of my games for. At least it's not for people who just try to get the answers easily.

There might be someone who tries to answer your question about my game and that's against my intention, so I deleted your last comment. If you want to know how to clear my games, ask it at another place, not here. About simulation games, see also Q40 of the FAQ in the help menu of my apps.

[170] why was i unbanned
From/rhythm v2 Host: ( )
Date/2020/7/13 (Mon)20:48

        i just got unbanned ban me if you still have not changed your mind on me otherwise im gonna play some games and help out in bbs while i have the time

[169] Re: Entities from Breezy Rogue
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/7/3 (Fri)22:44

        To Danial Dani,

Those enemies are the ones appear in the sequel. I wrote their names in the material list because I didn't want to forget to write them, and also I thought no one would notice it.
But now you noticed it, so I'll remove it. When they really show up in the game, I'll add their names to the list again.

[168] Entities from Breezy Rogue
From/Danial Dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/7/3 (Fri)21:40

        I noticed there were some entities (enemies) that I can't seem to find in the game, when I saw your Material List of images, I noticed entities like "Clay Doll" or "Fire Bird" or "Ice Bird" or anything like that which I don't seem to remember when playing the game itself.

What could have been the cause of this?

[167] Re: Missing Games/Apps
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/6/14 (Sun)17:33

        To Danial Dani,

Kyoto Walking with Yudofu-san is in the Art page, not the Game page because I didn't intend to make it as a game. The category of the Android app version is also App, not Game. You can go to the Art page from the top page of this website.
About Stick of Titan, one of the SNS sites regarded my website as an unrecommended site maybe because that game. That's why I removed it from the list. The situation didn't change though, I'm still wait and see what it goes.

[166] Missing Games/Apps
From/Danial Dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/6/14 (Sun)14:08

        I'm writing on behalf of the games list in this website. I've seen all your games here, but why isn't games/apps like "Stick of Titan" or "Kyoto Walking with Yudofu-san" aren't shown here in the website?

[165] Re: Some Questions
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/6/9 (Tue)11:48

        To Danial Dani,

1. 2. I don't understand what you mean correctly. You mean "Smartphone" as the Android app version, not the ones work on browsers?
If so, that's because I thought they were too short to port to Android. Too short games tend to be rejected from app stores.
I released some short game apps, like Fallin' Now and Daphnia Catcher, but they are my first apps and at that time I didn't know their rules. I'm not sure but I suppose they added the rule about short games after I released the games above.
3. I don't have any reasons to lie about it.
4. The answer is the same as the one for 1. It's too short.
5. Pman is a parody of fighting games, not specific ones. BM is based on the game "Bomberman" and BM is the initial letters. It's a Japanese game and I'm not sure the English title is the same or not.
6. Some games are too short, and some are difficult to port because they need keyboard control, especially rapid control of some combinations of keys. Changing controls is also difficult because it would usually also change the gameplay.
7. Why do you think those keys are "default"? I've never heard those are default for move keys. Isn't it just because you have played some games and some of them have the same keys?
When I started to make games, there were much less computer games compared to today, and you and I live in different countries. The thought that there must be default in all over the world from the beginning sounds unnatural to me. At least I've seen a lot of games that have different move keys.
About my games, I can't remember the details though, I think I adopted the same keys as the game that I liked. And for avoiding my games' users confusion, I have kept using the same keys in my games.

[164] Some Questions
From/Danial Dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/6/8 (Mon)22:24

        I have here some questions that I feel like needs answering:

1. Why were there some games (like "WC and "P&C") that have their controls and interactions ported to smartphone and not the other games?
2. Only "The Shoot prototype" has now been ported to smartphone, why not it's final version?
3. Is it true that your game development began in the late 20th century?
4. There are more parody games than Stick of Titan, like "Pman", "BM", etc. why aren't they ported to smartphone but only Stick of Titan?
5. Where do the parody games originally come from? I'm kind of curious, though.
6. Why are most of all your games are only available in the website and not ported to smartphone?
7. Why are the directional controls different than the default computer-game controls? (The default is WASD, yours is IJKL)

I think that's all I'll ask. I haven't been writing to you for days was because I didn't have anything in mind on what to write about. I hope you can answer my questions. Thank you.

[163] Re: Breezy Rogue New Features
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/6/2 (Tue)18:40

        To Danial Dani,

Hey, give me time. I'm not a magician. I had a lot of things to do more than the internet.
Anyway, You can see the tutorial again on the next update.

About maze.
I didn't port other old games because they are difficult to implement on smartphone.

About PUNCH!!
Thank you for your review.
1. Maybe just because I came up with the idea of those stages.
2. You liked the story, but you didn't understand it? I'll revise the English of the game later though, if you have read the story but didn't understand it, I can't say anything.
3. You can easily recognize the enemies by the letters.
4. No.

[162] Game Review (PUNCH!!)
From/Danial Dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/6/2 (Tue)15:35

        I am writing to post a review about the game, "PUNCH!!", the game had a very simplistic story and twist at the end. The controls, movement and gameplay was satisfying, overall. But the English grammar in it is either misplaced or missing. But that was the time you hadn't advanced in English, which is what I understand from you. It took me a while to write this review because before, I hadn't been able to complete the game. Thanks for making another satisfying game. I even liked the story itself.

And I've got a few questions about the game:
1.Why are there only four stages and not more?

2. What does the story mean?
3. Why do the Zentai Soldiers' heads have letters on it? Any meanings?
4. Are there any statements that happen with the amount of scores you get?

[161] Maze being ported
From/Danial Dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/6/2 (Tue)14:10

        I noticed that "Maze" was an old game from 2001, most of the old games you developed never got officially ported to Smartphone, but you managed it with "Maze". How did you do it?

[160] Breezy Rogue New Features
From/Danial Dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/6/2 (Tue)14:06

        I'm writing about when will the new features of "Breezy Rogue" might happen. I understand of you moving to a new house and the internet is not working properly, but I know that some people are still waiting for the new features of the game. I hope you are able to make these features.

P.S. I forgot the feature of what the "Warehouse" does. What does it do again?

[159] Re: Game Review (WC)
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/6/1 (Mon)21:21

        To Danial Dani,

My pleasure! Thank you for playing and your review!

[158] Game Review (WC)
From/Danial Dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/6/1 (Mon)20:17

        I'm writing to post my review about the game, "WC", which stands for "World Cup", anyways, I enjoyed the game and the strategies involved in parts of the game. I actually think it is easier playing this game on touch screen because of the ability to rapidly tap the screen. Thanks for making another simple and satisfying game.

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