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[7] Just some random things
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2018/11/17 (Sat)16:16

        Hello. i have been playing your games for almost a year and i always have fun while playing them. I sometimes uninstall them but can not stand it and install the games again :D. You have great skills and i hope you will get into some even better stuff soon. You deserve fame. Also i have been wondering. is there any ways to directly contact you or is this page. google play reviews and facebook page are the only options?

[6] Re: Voltage RPG Update
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2018/5/12 (Sat)12:30

        Hi Joshua Evans.
Thank you for your playing "Voltage RPG"!
Yes. I'm making the update of the game. I'm going to add new episodes. and that will be like a hard mode. I'll release it in this month. But some users said this game was too difficult. so I might also adjust the difficulty.

If you are interested in my development schedule. see my Facebook page below.

[5] Voltage RPG Update
From/Joshua Evans Host: (US )
Date/2018/5/11 (Fri)23:48

        Hey guys. is there going to be an update on Voltage? If so. when will the update be active? I have reached the battle with the foreign minister Brandon. and cannot get pass that point.

[4] Re: Walking with yoduku san
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2018/5/5 (Sat)17:20

        Hi prism_miner.
Thank you for your advice! I'll fix it soon!

[3] Walking with yoduku san
From/prism_miner Host: (AU )
Date/2018/5/5 (Sat)11:31

        There is one english mistake that I could find in your game. walking wih yoduku san: when you fall in the water. your guy says 'It's cald' Correct spelling: 'It's cold'. I Just noticed this. Thanks for your time.

[2] Re: New Character Idea for Sakura Balde
From/sk_Mine Host: ( )
Date/2017/8/6 (Sun)10:39

        To DiamondHordesYT:

Hi! Thank you for your playing my game and new idea!
There are two problems. First. magic is used by only evils in the worldview. Second. it is hard to add new character and story to the story mode from now. I think many users will want whole stories for the new character. not only chapter 23 or some of the chapters.
I have two ideas of new characters. and I'm thinking of making them into "Sakura Blade 2". I cannot make it soon because I have already four plans of new other games. but I'll make it someday.

About new characters. see also SAK-Q14 and SAK-Q16 of the FAQ. You can access it from "Help" button in the app.


[1] New Character Idea for Sakura Balde
From/DiamondHordesYT Host: (IE )
Date/2017/8/5 (Sat)21:34

        Hello! I came up with an idea for a new character for your game.Sakura Blade:Lilac.
Her weapon should be magic. I know you probably never programmed this before. but you should give it a try.
Storywise. she should be Mikage's mother.
For the reunion fight at chap.23. she should fight Mikage.
At the ending she should fight Kazekiri.
Her pose at the ending after the credits should be her holding hands with a shadow of Mikage.

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