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[108] Database
From/Digi Host: (PT )
Date/2019/8/31 (Sat)05:02

        I used a app named "apk editor" to modificate apps and see databases,normally that app do not work with a lot off apps,but with "wich is yoshida" it do
I think you know what a database is
But is that questions for the next upgrade?

[107] Re: Digistorm
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/8/29 (Thr)19:56

        To Digi,

What do you mean by "database"? How and where did you see the questions?

[106] Correction
From/Digi Host: (PT )
Date/2019/8/27 (Tue)17:45

        *wich is yoshida?


[105] Digistorm
From/Digi Host: (PT )
Date/2019/8/27 (Tue)17:39

        I was looking at a database of "what's yoshida?" and I found some questions that are not in the game, I was wondering if they are coming next update, can I go to my site and confirm if they are or not? digistormthedataminer.jimdofree.com

[104] Re: Maybe a cool game idea?
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/8/2 (Fri)12:59

        To Gokaruto,

I won't accept new games' ideas. For details, see my development policy 3 in the FAQ. You can find the link in the game list page on this site, or also you can access it from the help menu on my apps.

[103] Re: Mine
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/8/2 (Fri)12:53

        To Digi,

You mean you want the Android app versions of "Color checker" and "Randomer"? These tools are written in JavaScript, and Android SDK is not used for them because they are not apps, but web programs.

I don't have plans to make the Android app versions because only few people use them. I can't expect many people will use the app versions.
Besides the programs are too simple to make the apps. There is a review when you upload your app to app stores, and some stores have a rule like that they won't allow to release too simple apps. They will say "You should make it as web programs because it's very simple."

If you want the app versions because you want to learn programming from them, I think you can soon find similar examples on textbooks or web sites that are for learning programming.

[102] Maybe a cool game idea?
From/Gokaruto Host: (BS )
Date/2019/8/2 (Fri)09:57

        I haven't came up with a title but can I tell you about a game idea I thought of?

[101] Mine
From/Digi Host: (PT )
Date/2019/8/2 (Fri)06:12

        When i had sayed "him" i made an error,my english is a bit rusty,and i was talking about you colour change tool of android sdk in your site,because im learning how to do a plataformer game on android sdk,and the colour toll and the ramdomizer can help very people making they're games,i am talking about that zone in your site named "tools"

[100] Re: Mine
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/8/2 (Fri)00:39

        To Digi,

Thank you for your information. Just now I downloaded and tried Microsoft translator. I could only find one Portuguese option (I might be able to find the other options somewhere though), but it seems to be a good machine translator. I'll use it next time.

By the way, what do you mean by "colour change tool of sdk"? which game are you talking about? Who is "him"? Please let me know the details.

[99] Mine
From/Digi Host: (PT )
Date/2019/8/1 (Thr)17:27

        Ok,but can you put you colour change tool of sdk in english,because more people can use him

[98] Mine
From/Digi Host: (PT )
Date/2019/8/1 (Thr)16:58

        no problem, but in this case I would use microsoft translator, have more languages, is faster and more efficient, and already saves some time

[97] gggg
From/DealDone Host: (PT )
Date/2019/8/1 (Thr)16:55

        ok thx

[96] About Portuguese
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/7/31 (Wed)23:48

        To Digi, DealDone,

Thank you for your answers. You guys mean Portuguese (Brazil) and Portuguese (Portugal) are partly different in grammar and words, right?

Sorry, I think I can't support Portuguese (Portugal). You know, I frequently update my games. It means I have to translate the new phrases every time I update my games. Otherwise, new part won't be translated until someone translates them, and many users will complain about it. I make games by myself, so I have to use machine translations.

In addition, even if some users help me translating into Portuguese (Portugal), I have to check their translation at least once because some people send me very different sentences. Some of them are mistakes and some are on purpose. Checking their translations is my responsibility as the author, so I can't skip this work.

Although, even Google doesn't have an option of "Portuguese (Portugal)". I use some machine translations though, just now I checked them and found all of them had only "Portuguese", and I think this one is Portuguese (Brazil) according to your reactions.
It means I can't control the translation by myself.

Even if there were good tools, I'm already supporting over 10 languages. I'm translating the phrases of new update of my game right now, and it's taking so long time. Honestly I'm very busy and tired.
I think this way of supporting languages has already reached a limit in my development style. I might change the way in the near future.

Sorry that I can't meet your expectation.

[95] Mine
From/Digi Host: (PT )
Date/2019/7/31 (Wed)23:09

        And the things who wod happen is more popularity on the portuguese server because some people are tired to dont see they're language in the games,thats why the games with more languages have more popularity,and i can help you to make the traduction

[94] Mine
From/Digi Host: (PT )
Date/2019/7/31 (Wed)23:02

        In the reallity,portuguese and brazilian have some fiferences like the grammar,for example
Brazilian "estou indo comprar algum pão"
Portuguese "vou comprar algum pão"
Or the words like cool or bus
Brazilian "legal e autobus"
Portuguese "fixe e autocarro"
Or even the money wich in portugal is euros and in brazil is reais
And this is some of the expressions,so if you want more,you can send another awnsher
And for me normally do not have diference to te both of languages but this can be a q and a in your site to other portuguese players

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