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[147] Re: Game Review (Daphnia Catcher)
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/5/26 (Tue)09:47

        To Danial Dani,

Thank you for your review.
It's a review, so I don't mind if you post it at Play Store even if that's a negative one. It might be helpful for other people who are wondering if they should download the app or not.

As a developer, actually reviews just like "I like it" or "I don't like it" are not very useful because those ones represent just their preferences. Those are actually impressions, not reviews, I think. Of course people have their own preferences and often they are the opposite to each other. If you say you like A and someone says he doesn't like A, what can I do? If someone says I don't like your, for example writting, and doesn't say anything particular, what can you do? All you can do would be just a random try, and that's not very different from my current way.

At least positive reviews usually cheer up developers, that's why I don't say they are meaningless. Although if someone just says I don't like something about my games, I'm always kind of puzzled.

[146] Game Review (Daphnia Catcher)
From/Danial Dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/5/25 (Mon)13:12

        I'd like to post my review on one of your games. Your games are good and satisfying, but I'm not a fan of the game "Daphnia Catcher", the game did not satisfy me in anyway, the controls aren't satisfying and half of the time, I can't seem to complete any further levels. I did not want to post this at Play Store because of the positive credibility being low for this review. But even if this game had left a bad taste in my mouth, I still like your other games. Thank you for understanding my intention.

[142] Re: Breezy Rogue typos
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/5/24 (Sun)20:09

        To danial dani,

Thank you for your report. Can you post the correct sentence to the translation project web page when you find typos or better translations? You can access it from the help menu of the app or the game list page on this website.
About my development schedule, see also Q13 of the FAQ in the help menu.

[141] Breezy Rogue typos
From/danial dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/5/24 (Sun)15:40

        I noticed that there were some typos in 'Breezy Rogue", the new game. Like in the event after the fourth request, when the Leader of the Labyrinth Security Force said "I've just heard it as a fairy tail," the "tail" word is supposed to be "tale". There are some others, but I haven't found them yet. And I hope you can add the new main character feature. Good game, though!

[140] Re: The Sniper BGM
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/5/24 (Sun)11:19

        Hi danial dani,

Thank you for your bug report. It's not about the download version, but the web version that you can play on a browser, right?
It seems to be a mixed bug and I haven't noticed it. Just now I fixed it and updated the program. Give it a try.

[139] The Sniper BGM
From/danial dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/5/23 (Sat)21:58

        Remember me, the user who had download your games for mobile? Well I`m wanting to tell you on behalf the matter of the game, "The Sniper", the title music was still playing even when I started the first stage and then it gets mixed up with the Stage 1 music. I know that`s not supposed to happen but I need help with the music. So please fix it if you can.

[137] Re: help
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/5/17 (Sun)19:18

        To Rhythm,

About the sequel of Sakura Blade, see SAK-Q14 of the FAQ in the help menu of the app.

About hints of my games, I basically don't answer it in public because there are also users who want to clear my games without any hints and I don't want to take up their challenge. Also, as the creator, I want you to clear it by yourself.

[136] help
From/Rhythm Host: ( )
Date/2020/5/17 (Sun)18:26

        rubber breakout 10-8 is too hard any hints or help?

[135] About Sakura blade 2
From/Rhythm Host: ( )
Date/2020/5/16 (Sat)18:18

        sakura blade was the first game i played here and big fan of it wondering if you could give us an update on sakura blade 2

[134] HMMMM
From/Rhythm Host: ( )
Date/2020/5/16 (Sat)17:59

        i forgot why im writing this

[133] Re: Something silly
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/5/16 (Sat)11:29

        To Romanchilli,

Check the FAQ again please.

[132] Re: Problem With Voltage RPG
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/5/16 (Sat)11:28

        Hi Rhythm,

Did you try changing your team members? Try other maps first, get some skills and classes, and then try the central road again.

[131] Something silly
From/Romanchilli Host: (UA )
Date/2020/5/14 (Thr)19:14

        Can you to value two SNES games: Super Turrican 2 and Chrono Trigger. Are they good? Are they difficult? Are they beautiful?

[130] Problem With Voltage RPG
From/Rhythm Host: ( )
Date/2020/5/13 (Wed)16:54

        hey love your games the voltage rpg is rly hard tho the central road is rly hard

[129] Re: All games
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/5/10 (Sun)09:50

        To Apps,

My pleasure! Enjoy my games!

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