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[40] Re: Happy birthday
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/3 (Sun)12:31

        Hi Kunty Ku,
Thank you for your birthday wish! I'm so happy to hear your warm comment!
I'll keep trying making good games and hope you'll like them!

[39] Happy birthday
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2019/3/2 (Sat)23:57

        I think k I'm a little bit late but still
Happy birthday
You are my favorite game developer
You are my idol
And I love your games

[38] Re: Happy birthday!
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/2 (Sat)22:27

        Hi Minestick,
Wow, why do you know my birthday!? Did I say it before?
Anyway, yes, actually today is my birthday! Thank you for your birthday wish! (^▽^)/
I'll keep making various things because creation is my life, and hope you'll like my works!
I hope everything works out!

[37] Happy birthday!
From/Minestick Host: (CN )
Date/2019/3/2 (Sat)20:07

        Is your birthday isn't it? Happy birthday! You're always my favourite developer!

I paused my work on translation because of some personal issue. But I'll keep it in my mind and hopefully catch up later.

Anyway, wish you well, and away from diseases!

[36] Re: Rubber Breakout
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/2 (Sat)18:29

        Hi Kunty Ku,
You already finished it!? It took 4 months to design and implement it though (>▽<)
Anyway, I'm happy to hear you enjoyed this game! Now I'm making another mode that you can play it after clearing all the stages. I want to release it by the end of this month if I can.
I'd be happy if you could also write a review on Google Play.
Thank you for your playing!

[35] Rubber Breakout
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2019/3/2 (Sat)01:39

        I just finished rubber Breakout and it was so much fun, final boss was amazing both as it's concept and how challenging and fun it was. Thank you for this great game

[34] Re: Account problem 4
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/2/28 (Thr)23:43

        No problem. I feel relieved to hear it works now.

[33] Account problem 4
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2019/2/28 (Thr)23:29

        Thanks KS for the support throughout the entire problem.
It's fixed now.
Sorry for taking your time.

[32] Re: Account problem 3
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/2/28 (Thr)23:13

        There is no error on the server side, so if there is a problem, that would be in your device.
Try again, and if it doesn't work yet, please re-install the apps.
See also Q7 of the FAQ in the help menu and try some settings.

[31] Account problem 3
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2019/2/28 (Thr)23:02

        In every stage, also in Sakura blade

[30] Re: Account problem 2
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/2/28 (Thr)22:56

        There is no error this time.
Which stage did you see the problem?

[29] Account problem 2
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2019/2/28 (Thr)22:05

        It got fixed for a fee minutes and broke again.

[28] Re: Account problem
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/2/28 (Thr)21:53

        Hi Kunty Ku,
I found a problem and fixed it. Can you try it again?

[27] Account problem
From/Kunty Ku Host: ( )
Date/2019/2/28 (Thr)19:17

        I was playing rubber breakout and submitting my records and suddenly when I tried to submit my score, it said that my name or password was wrong. I tried multiple times to log in but it was just rejecting it. I don't know what happened but I tried so hard for one level and it just didn't submit my score

[26] Re: Greetings!
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2018/12/10 (Mon)11:29

        Hi Kunty Ku,
Thank you for your warm and thoughtful comment!
I'll release updates of "Stick of Titan" and "Come on 285 enemies! 2" this weekend and next weekend. I hope you'll like them!
Enjoy games and the Christmas season! (Do you celebrate Christmas in your country?)

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