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[25] Greetings!
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2018/12/9 (Sun)07:07

its me again!
i stopped commenting for a while because i dont want to interrupt you while you are working or slow you down.
you are still my favorite dev ever!
you are my idol!
i wish the best for you!

[24] Re: The story of Edo is so EPIC that a film can be made
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2018/12/5 (Wed)22:04

        Hi Minestick,
Haha, that's cool!
Actually I've received some requests saying "make anime of Sakura Blade!" but I can't make it because I'm not good at drawing.
Movies or animes or ... would someone want to make them? lol

[23] The story of Edo is so EPIC that a film can be made
From/Minestick Host: (CN )
Date/2018/12/5 (Wed)18:12

        The countryman, an ordinary high school student, who shows completely ignorance towards any subjects.
But was voracious to eat a whole set of chanko.

The swordsman in yellow, who reserved his consciousness and awkwardness under the corruption of evilness.
Showed extraordinary talent in katana art, morning exercise, animation, sampling Japanese cuisine as well as path-finding.

The assassin, officially assigned by a dark organization.
In the name of Sumo, laid down his deadly headbutt on a grain of sand, and got defeated.

What is the mysterious face behind the mask of 'EDO'...? What is he pursuing?

An adventure story by Sorairo-Komiya, featuring GOWASU.

Maple leaves
'Kazekiri', the arrow.
The ground who trapped Ito's foot
Yoshida's dog
Yoshida pit
Yellow stickman
Shouryou who accidentally appeared in the scene

Ota and his student union
Ota and his town union
Ota and his hedgehog union (no)
Shuru domestic violence supervisory
Calzone pizza restaurant (Now streaming "Voltage")
Sally from the Cheer village
Mushrooms (They cure your wounds, seriously.)
The singing snowmen (presented the theme song, in a festival style)
Cups of Gyokuro

This irrelevant Christmas,
Would become the WORLD NUMBER ONE hit in the theater, GOWASU.

[22] Re: Edmond
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2018/11/23 (Fri)11:35

        Hi Edmond. GOWASU!,
Because he believes it himself, GOWASU!

[21] Edmond
From/Edmond. GOWASU! Host: (TR )
Date/2018/11/23 (Fri)01:50

        Why is Edmond always the best?

[20] Re: aww
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2018/11/22 (Thr)12:53

        Hi Kunty Ku,
If you have a question, please mail me. I'm not sure I can reply soon because I'm swamped with emails from my users every day and some of them are long and it takes me for a long time to reply in English, but at least I check it every day.
Thank you for your warm comment!

[19] aww
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2018/11/21 (Wed)13:29

        well that is bad. but i think it is the best for you!
main reason why i was trying to get into contact with you was because i was trying to get answers to some questions that are too basic for the BBS, but its no problem ^-^ you are my idol and i wouldnt want to make your job harder :3

[18] Re: Oh...
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2018/11/21 (Wed)11:32

        Hi Kunty Ku,
Just now I found the DM feature! Why are no signs shown on the icon? (ToT)
No, no need to remove the comments because as I said before, I don't often see or update it. Actually I receive a lot of reviews and emails every day, so I'm kind of busy and started to feel hard to manage all of them. Perhaps I might remove the Instagram account in order to focus on other communication tools.

[17] Oh...
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2018/11/20 (Tue)14:57

        well it looks like someone needs to teach you some stuff that app but i dont think this is the right place 😅
i will leave a comment on one of your posts on what to do. if you succeed, then hold and delete the button(also you can just delete this post instead of replying because its just me trying to be friends with you :P

[16] Re: breaking the promise
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2018/11/20 (Tue)13:12

        Hi Kunty Ku.

1. This BBS (and this website) was only for Japanese before. When I made the English version, I removed all the old log of this BBS to refresh the air.

2. What do you mean by your dms? I don't know whether a feature of direct message is on Instagram or not. If you talk about your comment, I thought I didn't need to reply it because it was neither impression nor question. And I won't follow anyone because the account is an official account, not my private one. I also didn't follow anyone on Facebook.

3. A little of both. I've tried to make games with some people before, but no one made graphics or something which had enough quality. In addition, my development speed is very high, and they was not able to keep up with me. Basically making games is just my hobby, so I don't strongly need my team.

[15] breaking the promise
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2018/11/20 (Tue)01:15

        sorry i said the other one was the last but i have to ask these aswell
is BBS being cleaned once in a while or are these really all the messages from the beginning.
also please answer my dms on instagram :3
and my last question is. will you ever think about getting someone to your team or do you prefer being alone

[14] Re: Social Media
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2018/11/19 (Mon)12:09

        Hi Kunty Ku.
Oooh. I forgot to check Instagram!
Actually I started to use it instead of Facebook, but yes. no one followed me and I received almost no response, so I forgot it.
I might update it sometimes, but I'll remove the account information from Google Play.
Thank you for your comment!

[13] Social Media
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2018/11/19 (Mon)04:28

        i know im kinda spamming this place but this is the last message i promise
you typed your instagram to the description of Sakura Blade(on google play store) but when i tried to look it up. i only found a page with no followers and 2 posts. i tried messaging it but didnt get a response.
i was wondering if you are still using that account or just left it

[12] Re: Rankings
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2018/11/19 (Mon)00:57

        Hi Kunty Ku.
Wow. great! You are a good player! (゜□゜; )
Thank you for your warm comment. I'll try!

[11] Rankings
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2018/11/18 (Sun)21:00

        Dont mind me. I am just taking over the Sakura Blade leaderboards ;)
The game was so good that only finishing it wasnt enough
so i got the No 1. rank in every level.
Keep making good games.
I will never get tired of them.

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