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[62] Re: I'm an artist
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/28 (Thr)10:13

        To Larry:
Thank you for your reply. I should've asked the question in an email.
Anyway, I replied to your email yesterday. If we could make good things together, I'd be happy!

[61] I'm an artist
From/Larry Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/27 (Wed)09:09

I love to draw. If you show me the formats, file size, scale, png, bitmap, etc. I'll see if I can find the appropriate program to design the concepts. I'll be honest with you I have worked professionally as a concept designer but I don't like to brag and I especially don't like to post works created for clients. I've been bitten by the development bug so to speak- and have been rapidly prototyping games since 2013 so I haven't been drawing on pen and paper like I used to. I also in the last year's have been focusing on becoming better at 3d modeling. I'll gather some of my last sketches and renderings to give you an idea of my level of skill. Art is something that constantly evolves over time and I feel like it is similar to programming: you can spend a lifetime learning the skills and techniques.

[60] Re: Awesome!
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/22 (Fri)13:54

        To Larry:
Do you have any works that you drew before? Of course I don't mind if they don't relate to my apps.

Actually sometimes I receive offers from my users that they can help drawing bitmaps. I appreciate their kindness, but no one couldn't show me their past works. It means they don't like drawing very much, or at least they don't often draw pictures. So I declined their offers because I thought they won't be able to finish their work for my apps.

That's why I said like "if you like drawing, I might be able to use your works". If I decide to use bitmaps for my particular app, I will have to change the whole design of it. It means it will be hard work for the designer, too. So whether they really like drawing or not is very important.

How about you? Do you really like drawing?

[59] Re: Pigeons & the bitmap thing
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/22 (Fri)13:39

        To Minestick:
I understand. That's interesting! And you are not a pigeon because you never said the deadline for translation, and also I never asked people their deadline.
By the way, I like the call of pigeons "クルッポー(kuruppoo)" in the Japanese famous manga One Piece. It sounds nice.

I usually use PNG format for my apps, and I can't say more detailed things because it depends on apps. For example, about the size of Mikage in Sakura blade, it is basically 36x60 pixels, and there are 18 patterns of poses (in addition, she swing her arms while charging). Of course I have to get bitmaps for all the characters (it's weird if only Mikage is a bitmap character), so it will be hard work for designers. That's why I said "if you like drawing, I might be able to use your work". If you don't like drawing very much, you won't be able to finish the work.

I know you are good at drawing, so I might be able to use your work for single picture (sorry I don't know how to say it in English. A single cut is better? It's used for describing each scene, not animation). For example, it might be good if I use your Mikage's picture while loading or intermediate of stages.

[58] Thank you for the opportunity!
From/Larry Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/21 (Thr)08:22

        Thank you for considering the idea!

[57] Awesome!
From/Larry Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/21 (Thr)08:18

        Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will email you as soon as I have finished some of the examples. I will do my best to keep it simple for size and resolution.

[56] Pigeons & the bitmap thing
From/Minestick Host: (CN )
Date/2019/3/20 (Wed)23:10

        Yep, pigeons is well-known as a symbol of peace. I got attracted by that article because recently in China people rekindled an old idiom linked with pigeon and made it a popular slang. Dispite being a symbol of peace, now “鸽” is used to reference people who fails an appointment. So I was wondering whether there's similar meanings in Japan, as the pigeons in the article said they are thinking of leaving but they keep delaying that for various reasons.

I guess I'm one as well. I said I am, but have never finished the translation for 'Moonlight fighters'. Coo-Coo.

I'm wondering what's the format of bitmaps that would be functional for you. Maybe I could contribute some?


[55] Re: Thanks for Making fun games!
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/19 (Tue)14:09

        Hi Larry,
My pleasure! Thank you for your playing my game! I'm so happy to hear you liked Sakura Blade!
I can imagine many people hesitate to play my games because the graphics is far from recent general games. And I have some reasons for not changing the graphics.

Thank you for your proposal. Actually, if I had been able to find free materials that matched the worldview of Sakura Blade, I would have made the game with bitmaps, not with stickman. But of course it's very hard to find materials that can be used for action games because there are many action patterns of the characters so that I need a lot of patterns of bitmaps.

If you are good at drawing and also like drawing, I want to see your works. I'm not sure they can be used for Sakura Blade, also I'm not sure it's good or not to change the graphics from now, but I might be able to use your works on my future new games.
Feel free to contact me by emails. The address is written in the top page of this website. You can also find it at the bottom of all of my apps' page on Google Play.

[54] Re: Re: Re: [stick's useless Chinese lessons Vol1] Eating bricks
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/19 (Tue)13:54

        This is just my opinion, if people understand those shows are just variety shows, it might not become big problems. But it feels like many people accept all kind of information too straight and without thinking. And this kind of confusion is becoming bigger because the world became narrow due to the internet.

I'm not sure it's only common in Japan or not, but pigeons are said to be a symbol of peace. And I used pigeons in the article because they were really there. Is there any negative or funny meaning in English by any chance?

[53] Thanks for Making fun games!
From/Larry Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/19 (Tue)07:12

        Hello! I played Sakura Blade for the first time today. When searching for games on the app store I always see your games in the suggestions. So I finally decided to check it out and I really like this game! I've visited your website and understand why you keep the art simple. I see when it comes to developing we share some of the same rules of developement. I would love to help you develop simple art assets for this game, or any future projects. I would do this for free because I appreciate that you make simple games for old devices. If you are interested please let me know how to contact you. If you're not interested do not worry I understand the difficulty with game art assets and making all of it fit together. Thanks for making free to play games.

[52] Re: Re: [stick's useless Chinese lessons Vol1] Eating bricks
From/Minestick Host: (CN )
Date/2019/3/18 (Mon)23:12

        Agreeeeeeeee. That's why people should be alert to stereotypes. Sometimes it's funny to hear jokes about these, but when you are one member of the group, the feeling is complicated.

By the way I got interested and read 'Conversatiln between pigeons'. Is there any special meanings with 'Pigeons' in Japanese?

[51] Re: [stick's useless Chinese lessons Vol1] Eating bricks
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/18 (Mon)20:17

        Hi Minestick,
It's the first time I receive a comment about "Sorairo Japan", and I didn't think someone wrote a parody of the contents! (≧∇≦)

I heard of the person who ate bricks on a TV show that introduced TV shows broadcast various countries. Some of them are serious, some are funny, and some are ridiculous. I also saw a TV show on the show that introduced Japanese culture and there were a lot of mistakes like "Sumo is karate doing naked" or "There are many ninjas in Japanese companies. They don't kill people any longer. They just act like spies". I think not a few people are believing such things because of the shows. Nooo ...

Anyway, at the time I wrote the article on a language exchange app, I received a comment from an American guy like this.
"That's why I don't like the Japanese language."
I think some people have a hard time learning Japanese ...

[50] [stick's useless Chinese lessons Vol1] Eating bricks
From/Minestick Host: (CN )
Date/2019/3/18 (Mon)13:06

        Hi! I've read "Sorairo Japan" and the articles really intrigued me. It's really nice to know something about the culture and language.
But bricks taste bad.(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻
Yes they do.(╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻

I do find news articles about a person in India who eat bricks. But China might lack that kind of magic power to summon such a brick-devastator.
And here is my useless Chinese lesson.
Just like Japanese, context is important in Chinese conversation as well. Here's one example.
Zhang “能不能请我吃顿饭?(Would you invite me to a dinner?)”
Li “请你吃砖头。”
There's also two interpretation of Li's response.

Li "Sure, I would stuff you mouth with bricks."
Li "No way. I would rather smash your head with bricks."

Thinking about the context, have you ever heard that people commonly eat bricks in China? I’ve heard of a American who only eats wood, but never heard that bricks is popular food in China. Well, Chinese people are famous(or infamous) of their variety of foodstuff, ranging from little bugs to huge sharks. There could be one day they will develop sauteed bricks or some bricks kebab. And I believe the popularity would exceed that edible underwear. Therefore, you can guess the answer B would be correct.
(*Well, I really hope I can chomp down that WALL.)
(*We have a popular slang about eating dirt which means you've run out of money.)
(*Bricks made of sugar, chocolate and, well, Tofu do exists nowadays.)
(*so does panties...eh?)

(*Please do not believe the wood-eating Americans thing. No, sir. Some might chew down pencils or trees(American beavers) but, not as food. It's just a random ridiculousness that pops into my mind.)

[49] Re: Patreon
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/3/11 (Mon)16:27

        Hi Kunty Ku,
Thank you for being my first patron! I'm really happy!
Yeah, I hope so, too. But if there will be much more supporters, I'm thinking of making a "village" on my game as written in the Patreon page!

[48] Patreon
From/Kunty Ku Host: (TR )
Date/2019/3/10 (Sun)21:36

        Well I donated as soon as I saw your patreon, hopefully I won't be the only one who donated to you

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