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[184] Server maintenance progress
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/10/14 (Wed)23:28

        I've almost finished the maintenance. Only Sorairo Garden still doesn't work. I think it takes a few more days.

If something in the below list doesn't work, let me know.
- This BBS (It sounds weird though because you are reading it now)
- Some of the pages on this website.
- Score ranking feature on my games.
- Management of Mine's user account.

[183] Server maintenance
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/10/6 (Tue)17:26

        I'll maintain the server next week. I can't tell which day and how long it will be because my private schedule is still not fixed.

During the maintenance, all the services relating to the server will stop.

- Access to this website (including this BBS, the FAQ, the games of the web version, etc).
- Score ranking features on my games.
- Management of Mine's user account.
- Access to Sorairo Garden.

I'll let you know again here after the maintenance is finished.

[182] I do understand
From/Danial Dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/8/25 (Tue)20:12

        That's okay, after all, I do appreciate your efforts in making games. I was only checking to see if you were still around.

I mean, literally, I'm not actually rushing you or whatever, I was just hoping to know if you remember, and even if you are really busy with your private priorities, I understand.

Thank you for your efforts.

[181] I'll close this BBS
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/8/25 (Tue)19:01

        I'll close this BBS because as written in my development schedule, I'll be very busy for a while.

Recently I don't have enough time to make and maintain games, so I have to prioritize my tasks.
Lately there has been almost only people who don't care about my intention for setting this BBS or my situation. They just lose my motivation to make games. But I think it's inevitable because "individual websites" themselves are very rare in this day and age. It means many people don't know what BBS on individual websites is.

It's also written in the FAQ though, I can't reply to all the reviews and comments because I receive a lot of reviews and emails every day. I know you want me to reply to you, but if many people criticize my way, I have to stop all my development to protect my life.

I hope you will understand my situation.

[180] Re: Whare are you?
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/8/25 (Tue)18:51

        Re: Danial Dani,

Sorry for the late reply. As written in my development schedule, I'm very busy recently because of my private matters, so I have to prioritize my tasks. It's also written in the FAQ though, I can't reply to all the reviews or comments, so if it seems not necessary to reply to them, I won't.

In addition, I don't "need" to make games because basically I'm doing it just for fun. Besides, I'm making games by myself. I want to finish developing the game though, if something happens like my family died and I have to do a lot of things about it, I can't make the priority of making games high.

I know you don't know anything about my situation though, I've been reducing my sleep time to make/maintain games. So I don't want people to rush me. That just loses my motivation.

About my development schedule, I can only tell things that I show on the development schedule page. I'm trying hard, so please wait until the release. I can't even say when I can release something if I'm really busy.

[179] Where are you?
From/Danial Dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/8/23 (Sun)16:37

        Dear sk_Mine,

I haven't seen you reply to any of us since late of July, I haven't heard of you from Play Store or even this BBS, is there something wrong with you?

I hope that whatever it is that is bothering you don't affect you too much, after all, you still need to finish up the development for "Breezy Rogue"'s newest character. Overall, I do hope you feel better soon.

In spite, I appreciate your efforts for trying to make games, and I thank you for such.

[178] Breezy Rogue New Character
From/Danial Dani Host: (BN )
Date/2020/7/26 (Sun)11:02

        Thanks for the development of the new character in "Breezy Rogue". I now understand why it took you long to make the new character.

I supposed you had to change the story and atmosphere to the new character and you had to make new item models and come up with new techniques, I know it takes much time to do so.

Anyways, thank you for making the new character, I can now play in a whole different story and atmosphere. I hope you can make your last character.

[177] binge on fish sausage translation error
From/Rhythm v2 Host: ( )
Date/2020/7/16 (Thr)17:50

        one of the funny things in this game is 'why did that happened' please remove the last 2 letters if you want, try finding my suggestion

[176] yesterday was my birthday!
From/rhythm v2 Host: ( )
Date/2020/7/15 (Wed)18:59

        im happy i got unbanned on my birthday now that i realized it also how do i edit the post underneath me again?

[175] its a joke... i just like come on 285 enemies
From/rhythm v2 Host: ( )
Date/2020/7/15 (Wed)18:51

        its a joke if you want me to delete this thats okay

[174] Re: i understand
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/7/15 (Wed)10:00

        To rhythm,

Thank you for understanding.

Are you talking about the deep fried bread icon on this BBS? It's still here. I didn't do anything to the icon.

[173] i understand
From/rhythm v2 Host: ( )
Date/2020/7/14 (Tue)17:28

        i do i knew i did something wrong out of curiosity i did it because i wanted to know what would happen that was a mistake i hope i learn from them see you later (alright where did my deep fried bread go?)

[172] Re: anyone could help with voltage rpg?
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/7/13 (Mon)22:57

        To rhythm,

I banned you because you kept writing random things on this BBS and also, this is the biggest reason though, you pretended to be me here. I'm not sure whether you understand what BBS of individual websites are, but at least it's not your scribbling pad. And pretending to be other people is just confusing others. If you do the same things on common online services like SNS, your account will be soon deleted without any warnings.

This BBS is not a free forum. I set it for my purpose on my website. So I want people to follow my intention. At least you should have read the sentence just below the title of this BBS, and you'd have understood the purpose of it.

There is one more thing. I don't want people to spoil about my games here because there are also people who don't want to see spoilers and want to clear my games by themselves. In addition, as the developer, I don't want to reveal the tricks or techniques about my games myself. Otherwise I can't understand why I thought a lot of things and adjusted the balance of my games for. At least it's not for people who just try to get the answers easily.

There might be someone who tries to answer your question about my game and that's against my intention, so I deleted your last comment. If you want to know how to clear my games, ask it at another place, not here. About simulation games, see also Q40 of the FAQ in the help menu of my apps.

[170] why was i unbanned
From/rhythm v2 Host: ( )
Date/2020/7/13 (Mon)20:48

        i just got unbanned ban me if you still have not changed your mind on me otherwise im gonna play some games and help out in bbs while i have the time

[169] Re: Entities from Breezy Rogue
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/7/3 (Fri)22:44

        To Danial Dani,

Those enemies are the ones appear in the sequel. I wrote their names in the material list because I didn't want to forget to write them, and also I thought no one would notice it.
But now you noticed it, so I'll remove it. When they really show up in the game, I'll add their names to the list again.

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