"Sorakomi" BBS
Back Manual

  • This BBS is set up for impression of the contents in this website, and also communication among users.
  • If the number of comments exceeds 75, the oldest comment will be removed.
  • Maximum 15 comments are displayed at once.
  • You can choose page by the link below this page.
  • Don't write things unrelated to this website, hate speech, and your personal information.
  • Don't write request only.
  • The administrator will remove inapposite comment without notice.
How to post
  • You can post your comment from the form in main page.
  • The name, subject and comment are necessary.
  • You cannot input URL in the comment field.
  • You can use b,center,font,i,s,u tags only in the comment field. Stylesheet is unavailable.
How to delete your post
  • You can delete your post from the form below main page.
  • If you didn't input a password when you post your comment, you cannot delete your post.