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[119] おめあけ
From/hihi Host: (JP )
Date/2020/1/7 (Tue)16:50


[118] Re: Read the comment ;)
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2020/1/4 (Sat)12:15

        Read the FAQ in the help menu.

[117] Read the comment ;)
From/DealDone Host: (PT )
Date/2020/1/4 (Sat)00:35

        When do it comes sakura blade 2?

[116] Re: Greetings
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/9/26 (Thr)13:37

        Hi Minestick,

It's been a while. I'm good! How is your day?

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed "285". Actually I didn't expect this game would be popular, so I'm surprised that many people downloaded it. I'm also happy to hear your opinion about my games' graphics.
Positive feedback like yours really support me. Thank you very much.

Actually I didn't focus on making the new game this month. Instead of that, I'm making some small features and fixing bugs on existing games that the users requested me. In addition, I'll be busy next month . So I can't say when I release the first version of the new game. I'll try hard.

Oh, I have a lot of articles and stories that are comedic like "285"'s story.
Almost all of them are only written in Japanese though, you can read the short story about "Take it! Fantasy" in English on my website.
If you have a interest, give it a try.
Someday I might translate the other contents in English, too.

[115] Greetings
From/Minestick Host: (CN )
Date/2019/9/25 (Wed)21:29

        Hi, how's it going?

Finally it comes, the epic finale of "285"! I found tears in my eyes when clearing them for some reason. Whether it's because I felt sorrow for an ending or I'm having severe fits of laughter is unclear. But anyway, the game is awesome.

People around me enjoyed your works as well, and it turns out that the simple graphics isn't much of a problem if the mechanism and story is truly interesting. I hope your development is going on well. And for sure I'll try your new game upon its release. Don't push yourself too hard though!

(Should add the deep fried bread as an avatar to this BBS)

[114] Re: awnsering
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/9/25 (Wed)17:09

        To DealDone,

I looked up more about Steam. I think I can't make the Steam version easily.

First, the programming language is different from ones that I use for my games. It means I almost have to remake my games from scratch to release Steam version. Also I have to learn the language that is almost new to me. It will take at least a year to make the Steam version of my simpler games like Pen-pen.
Second, many users of Steam would expect controls with game pad. On the flip side, my recent games are designed only for tap control. It means I also have to re-design the game system. It's not easy because different control will change the gameplay.

I think I can't keep making games so long because I'm already old as a programmer. And I still have a lot of game ideas. I want to focus on realizing my new ideas over remake old games.
If I have enough money to hire good programmers, I can hire them for making Stream version, but I don't have it so far.

[113] awnsering
From/DealDone Host: (PT )
Date/2019/9/25 (Wed)15:38

        To play with another people games, and i think it were awesome if pen pen had a workshop to the levels

[112] Re: Stream
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/9/25 (Wed)10:56

        Hi DealDone,

I don't know a lot about Steam though, there are already PC version of my apps, so I don't think Steam version is necessary.
Why do you want Steam version?

[111] Steam
From/DealDone Host: (PT )
Date/2019/9/25 (Wed)00:58

        Can you publish your games on steam?

[110] Thanks
From/Digi Host: (PT )
Date/2019/8/31 (Sat)16:50

        Ok,thanks for the awnsers

[109] Re: Database
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/8/31 (Sat)14:43

        To Digi,

There are many "database" in technical terms of computers, and I wanted to know which one you saw.

You mean you saw the contents in the apk file, right?
I basically can't answer about the contents in the apk files because it will be hints to illegal people.

The data you saw are removed ones. I just made "Which is Yoshida?" for Japanese at first, and several years later I translated it to English. But I noticed that some of the questions were not proper or interesting in the other languages or countries, so I turned some questions disabled or only enabled in Japanese.

Now, I completely removed the questions even from the Japanese version because some strict people might abuse me if they find the questions with using tools.

About the question 40, I think you saw a little bit old app. Get the latest version from Google Play, and you'll be able to play it.

[108] Database
From/Digi Host: (PT )
Date/2019/8/31 (Sat)05:02

        I used a app named "apk editor" to modificate apps and see databases,normally that app do not work with a lot off apps,but with "wich is yoshida" it do
I think you know what a database is
But is that questions for the next upgrade?

[107] Re: Digistorm
From/Mine Host: (US )
Date/2019/8/29 (Thr)19:56

        To Digi,

What do you mean by "database"? How and where did you see the questions?

[106] Correction
From/Digi Host: (PT )
Date/2019/8/27 (Tue)17:45

        *wich is yoshida?


[105] Digistorm
From/Digi Host: (PT )
Date/2019/8/27 (Tue)17:39

        I was looking at a database of "what's yoshida?" and I found some questions that are not in the game, I was wondering if they are coming next update, can I go to my site and confirm if they are or not? digistormthedataminer.jimdofree.com

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