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- You can disconnect internet after running game.

左クリック Left click 移動、攻撃、決定 Move, attack, decide
右クリック Right click 溜め Charge
中クリック、Xキー Middle click / X key 溜め1段階キャンセル Discharge
R リセット Reset
P ポーズ Pause
ESC 終了 Quit
7 効果音オン/オフ Sound on/off
8 BGMオン/オフ BGM on/off

2023/12/19 Ver1.37.0.2
- Changed the English and Spanish translations.
2023/11/11 Ver1.37.0.1
- Changed the English translation.
2023/10/20 Ver1.37.0
- Added some items in the shop menu. (Android version only)
2023/02/03 Ver1.36.0
- Improved the operability of the opening tutorial and other game recommendation views.
2022/12/26 Ver1.35.0.1
- Changed the English translation.
2022/09/07 Ver1.35.0
- Added the Indonesian version.
- Fixed some minor bugs.
2022/06/14 Ver1.34.1.5
- Changed the English translation.
2022/04/16 Ver1.34.1.4
- Changed the Portuguese and Russian translations.
2022/02/26 Ver1.34.1.3
- Changed the Portuguese translation.
2022/01/28 Ver1.34.1.2
- Changed the Portuguese translation.
2021/12/25 Ver1.34.1
- Fixed a bug: sometimes the BGM doesn't stop properly.
2021/11/04 Ver1.34.0.1
- Changed the Chinese translation.
2021/09/28 Ver1.34.0
- Added the data reset feature.
2021/09/07 Ver1.33.5.1
- Changed the Spanish translation.
2021/06/30 Ver1.33.5
- Fixed a minor bug.
2021/04/10 Ver1.33.4.2
- Changed the Spanish and Korean translations.
2021/03/07 Ver1.33.4.1
- Changed the Korean translation.
2020/12/24 Ver1.33.4
- Fixed a minor bug.
2020/12/18 Ver1.33.3.2
- Changed the Portuguese translation.
2020/11/21 Ver1.33.3.1
- Changed the Korean translation.
2020/08/05 Ver1.33.3
- Fixed a minor bug (The Android version only).
2020/07/25 Ver1.33.2
- Fixed a minor bug.
2020/06/26 Ver1.33.1.8
- Changed the Chinese translations.
2020/05/30 Ver1.33.1.7
- Changed the Spanish and Portuguese translations.
2020/04/25 Ver1.33.1.6
- Changed the Russian translation.
2020/03/28 Ver1.33.1.5
- Changed the Spanish translation.
2020/02/22 Ver1.33.1.4
- Changed the Korean translation.
2020/01/25 Ver1.33.1.3
- Changed the Korean translation.
2019/12/21 Ver1.33.1.2
- Changed the Korean translation.
2019/11/26 Ver1.33.1.1
- Changed the English and Korean translations.
2019/10/27 Ver1.33.1
- Changed the Portuguese, Russian and Turkish translations.
2019/09/29 Ver1.33.0
- Added the personal record feature.
2019/09/14 Ver1.32.0
- Added the tutorial.
2019/07/27 Ver1.31.3.1
- Changed the English translation.
2019/07/06 Ver1.31.3
- Adjusted the sizes of the stage start buttons.
2019/06/30 Ver1.31.2.1
- Changed the English translation.
2019/05/07 Ver1.31.2
- Fix a bug that "Sen" doesn't hit when Yodomi is on the ground.
2019/04/13 Ver1.31.1.4
- Change the Portuguese translation.
2019/01/21 Ver1.31.1.3
- Change the Korean translation.
2018/12/22 Ver1.31.1.2
- Change the Chinese translation.
2018/10/26 Ver1.31.1.1
- Change the Korean translation.
2018/10/19 Ver1.31.1
- Stop the performance tuning under OS8.0 (Android version only).
2018/10/18 Ver1.31.0
- Improve the drawing performance (Android version, OS6.0 or later only).
- Change the Korean translation.
2018/10/13 Ver1.30.0.2
- Change the Korean and Chinese translations.
2018/10/06 Ver1.30.0.1
- Change the Chinese translation.
2018/10/02 Ver1.30.0
- Change the control and make it easy to get items.
2018/09/30 Ver1.29.0
- Add Russian version.
2018/09/09 Ver1.28.2
- Fix a bug about BGM on pause (Android version only).
2018/09/07 Ver1.28.1
- Fix a bug on Motorola devices (Android version only).
2018/07/13 Ver1.28.0.2
- Change the English translation.
2018/06/23 Ver1.28.0.1
- Change the English translation.
2018/06/16 Ver1.28.0
- Add Traditional Chinese version.
2018/06/01 Ver1.27.0
- Support device rotation (Android version only).
- Change the Turkish translation.
2018/05/19 Ver1.26.1.4
- Change the Korean translation.
2018/02/24 Ver1.26.1.3
- Change the Portuguese translation.
2018/02/16 Ver1.26.1.2
- Change the Korean translation.
2017/12/16 Ver1.26.1.1
- Change the Spanish and Korean translations.
2017/11/28 Ver1.26.1
- Update the library (Android version only).
- Change the English translation.
2017/11/18 Ver1.26.0.1
  ・英訳を変更。 - Change the English translation.
2017/11/11 Ver1.26.0
  ・セキュリティを向上。 - Improve security.
2017/09/19 Ver1.25.6.1
  ・一部の翻訳を変更。 - Change the translations in some languages.
2017/09/07 Ver1.25.6
  ・一部端末でシェア機能使用時に発生するエラーに対応(Android版のみ)。 - Add feature to support the share feature for some devices (Android version only).
2017/08/28 Ver1.25.5
  ・「つじかぜ」発動中にフリーズするバグを修正。 - Fix bug that the game freezes until "Tsujikaze".
2017/08/23 Ver1.25.4.1
  ・ポルトガル語、英語翻訳変更。 - Change the Portuguese and English translation.
2017/08/19 Ver1.25.4
  ・キャラと壁との衝突判定がたまにおかしくなるバグを修正。 - Fix bug that sometimes the collision detection between character and block becomes strange.
2017/08/18 Ver1.25.3
  ・キャラと壁との衝突判定がたまにおかしくなるバグを修正。 - Fix bug that sometimes the collision detection between character and block becomes strange.
2017/07/31 Ver1.25.2
  ・キャラと壁との衝突判定がたまにおかしくなるバグを修正。 - Fix bug that sometimes the collision detection between character and block becomes strange.
2017/07/24 Ver1.25.1
  ・おまけ設定のバグを修正。 - Fix bug of optional setting.
2017/07/22 Ver1.25.0
  ・物語編クリア後のおまけ設定追加。 - Add optional setting for users who beat all story levels.
2017/07/01 Ver1.24.0.1
  ・中国語、韓国語翻訳変更。 - Change the Chinese and Korean translation.
2017/06/24 Ver1.24.0
  ・試技ノ十六追加。 - Add extra 16.
2017/06/04 Ver1.23.1
  ・36章でフリーズするバグを修正。 - Fix bug that sometimes freezes in chapter 36.
2017/06/03 Ver1.23.0
  ・細かいバグを修正。 - Fix some bugs.
2017/05/28 Ver1.22.1
  ・試技ノ十四で敵に攻撃できないバグを修正。 - Fix bug that you cannot attack enemy in extra 14.
2017/05/27 Ver1.22.0
  ・試技ノ十五追加。 - Add extra 15.
2017/04/29 Ver1.21.0
  ・試技ノ十四追加。 - Add extra 14.
2017/04/02 Ver1.20.1
  ・エンディングでキャラの向きが一部おかしくなっていたのを修正。 - Fix bug: the character's direction in the ending.
2017/04/01 Ver1.20.0.1
  ・英訳変更。 - Change the English translation.
2017/03/25 Ver1.20.0
  ・試技ノ十二、十三追加。 - Add extra 12, 13.
2017/03/06 Ver1.19.1
  ・試技ノ十一で時間切れ間際に敵を攻撃するとゲームが終了しなくなるバグを修正。 - Fix bug: the game doesn't finish if you attack enemy right before the time limit in extra 11.
2017/02/14 Ver1.19.0.1
- Change the Spanish translation.
- Change the Chinese translation.
2017/02/11 Ver1.19.0
- Add extra10, 11.
- Add Turkish version.
- Fix bug: the app crashs depend on timing of control character.
2017/01/21 Ver1.18.0
  ・試技ノ八、九追加。 - Add extra8, 9.
2016/12/17 Ver1.17.0
- Add effect at weakening attack.
- Change the specification to be judged as stage clear even when you defeated the boss.
- Adjust difficulty.
- Change some parts of translations.
2016/12/10 Ver1.16.0
- Add easy mode and hard mode.
- Adjust difficulty of normal mode.
- Add Chinese version.
2016/11/28 Ver1.15.0.1
  ・韓国語翻訳変更。 - Change the Korean translation.
2016/11/20 Ver1.15.0
- Add chapter 36 and the last chapter.
- Add a character color change feature.
2016/10/26 Ver1.14.1
- Adjust difficulty of three emperors.
- Change the spec: change to decrease energy after Tsujikaze.
2016/10/22 Ver1.14.0
  ・第33、34、35章追加。 - Add chapter33, 34, 35.
2016/10/04 Ver1.13.3
- Fix bug: sometimes cannot beat the level even if you beat the boss in chapter 31.
- Fix bug: hang up if you use "save".
2016/10/02 Ver1.13.2
  ・17章で切り株に触れるとフリーズするバグを修正。 - Fix bug: freeze if the player character touch the stock in chapter 17.
2016/10/01 Ver1.13.1
- Fix bug: decrease energy after Tsujikaze.
- Fix bug: cannot move after Tsujikaze.
2016/09/25 Ver1.13.0
  ・第31、32章追加。 - Add chapter31, 32.
2016/09/08 Ver1.12.2
  ・第28章で罠の中心部近くでやられるとエフェクトが出続けるバグを修正。 - Bug fix: the defeat effect continues if you are beated near the trap in chapter 28.
2016/09/05 Ver1.12.1
  ・一部のボスの動作がおかしくなっていたのを修正。 - Bug fix: some of the bosses don't move.
2016/09/03 Ver1.12.0
  ・第29、30章追加。 - Add chapter29, 30.
2016/08/23 Ver1.11.1
- Bug fix: you can press charge/discharge button just after Kazekiri shoots special power.
- Bug fix: moon's position.
- Fix English translation.
- Fix Korean translation.
2016/08/20 Ver1.11.0
  ・第27、28章追加。 - Add chapter27, 28.
2016/07/31 Ver1.10.1
  ・ブロック判定のバグを修正。 - Fix bug: collision detection of block.
2016/07/30 Ver1.10.0
- Add chapter25, 26.
- Add save/load function for device migration.
- Remove "Disable discharge button" setting.
2016/07/10 Ver1.9.1
  ・閃を地面に向けて放ったときにキャラの動きがおかしくなるバグを修正。 - Bug fix: sometimes move incorrectly when you use "Sen" toward ground.
2016/07/09 Ver1.9.0
  ・第24章追加。 - Add chapter24.
2016/06/18 Ver1.8.0
- Add Extra6, 7.
- Add Spanish version.
2016/06/04 Ver1.7.0
  ・試技ノ四、五追加。 - Add Extra4, 5.
2016/05/18 Ver1.6.2
  ・矢が止まるバグを修正。 - Fix bug: the arrow stops.
2016/05/15 Ver1.6.1
  ・敵が壁にはまるバグを修正。 - Fix bug: enemies dent in the wall.
2016/05/14 Ver1.6.0
- Add chapter 23.
- Add Portuguese version.
2016/04/21 Ver1.5.1
  ・必殺技3「幻」の幻が3つ以上出てしまうバグを修正。 - Fix bug: special attack 3rd "Gen" appears 3 or more options.
2016/04/16 Ver1.5.0
  ・第21, 22章追加。
- Add chapter21, 22.
- Fix bug: "Sen" sometimes goes through enemy.
- Fix bug: start "Sen" from ground.
2016/04/05 Ver1.4.0
- Add chapter20.
- Add Korean version.
2016/03/27 Ver1.3.0
- Add chapter18, 19.
- Add setting: switch language.
- Fix bug: Extra3.
2016/03/23 Ver1.2.0
  ・第17章追加。 - Add chapter17.
2016/02/06 Ver1.1.1
- Improve drawing performance.
- Improve click (tap) performance.
2016/2/1 Ver1.1.0
- Add 4 levels of story mode "Rove".
- Add settings of disable Sakura effect, Change the button size (smartphone version only).
- Change the map and enemies in "Infinity Strikes" to random.
- Fix bug: cannot press BGM and sound checkboxes.
- Fix bug: retry within pause, a timer starts before start boss fight (smartphone version only).
2016/01/02 Ver1.0.0
  ・公開開始。 - Release.

甘茶の音楽工房 花祭り (hanamatsuri.mp3)
龍の舞 (ryunomai.mp3)
ボス戦 (boss.mp3)
最終戦 (saishuusen.mp3)
Music Atelier Amacha Hana Matsuri (it means "festival of flower", hanamatsuri.mp3)
Ryu no Mai (it means "dragon dance", ryunomai.mp3)
Boss (boss.mp3)
Last Battle (saishuusen.mp3)
Standard levels of Mikage
Boss levels
A part of boss levels
A part of boss levels
フリー音楽素材 H/MIX GALLERY Moment (n74.mp3)
Moment - オルゴール (n75.mp3)
無礼講 (n6.mp3)
H/MIX GALLERY Moment (n74.mp3)
Moment (music box ver., n75.mp3)
Bureikou (it means "unrestricted binge", n6.mp3)
Opening of Mikage
Ending of Mikage
Opening of Edo
SoundLabel japanese_01.mp3
SoundLabel japanese_01
Level clear of Mikage
Level clear of Edo
おとわび和風音楽素材 忍術ハレーション (20140129ninjutu.mp3)
Otowabi Japanese Sound Materials Ninjutsu Halation (20140129ninjutu.mp3)
Standard levels of Edo

ザ・マッチメイカァズ animal02s.wav
The Match Makers animal02s.wav
効果音ラボ sceneswitch1.wav
Sound Effect Lab sceneswitch1.wav
くらげ工匠 small-bell02.wav
Kurage Kosho small-bell02.wav
フリー音楽素材 Senses Circuit iyopon.mp3
Senses Circuit iyopon.mp3
369 Official Site se_023.wav
369 Official Site se_023.wav

化け猫缶 素材屋 巻物アイコン
BAKENEKOKAN Handscroll icon
無料素材倶楽部 桜の花の画像
Free Material Club Cherry blossom icon 炎の画像 Fire image
百花繚乱 木の画像
Hyakka Ryoran Tree image