Who is saying? Name:라이트닝 Date:2024/03/26(Tue) 14:09:42 No.1

Hi, Mine! In Chronos Gem Stories, at the scene that Samidare and Shigure are talking two of them, who is saying this line「その噂の主であることは、間違いない。 噂には得てして尾ひれがつくものだが」 ?

Re: Who is saying? Name:Mine Date:2024/03/27(Wed) 09:25:38 No.2

Hi! I'd like to say thank you for your help for translation! That's a quote of Shigure.

Re^2: Who is saying? Name:라이트닝 Date:2024/03/29(Fri) 08:49:18 No.3

Then can you change the translation to ‘ID 72785’? The old one was regarded as Samidare’s line.

Re^3: Who is saying? Name:Mine Date:2024/04/01(Mon) 08:53:47 No.4

No, that's not a problem.
The quotes in the translation project are based on the sentences that are used in the games, and some quote lines like only "..." or "!" are omitted because they don't need to be translated.
The line before the quote you mention is "Shigure '...'", so if you read the line in the game before, you can tell who said the next line.

This way wouldn't be kind to the users who try to translate my games though, I expect them to know the story or see the quotes in the game before they translate it because otherwise they can't translate it well. That's why I keep this way.

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