Stick oc titan Name:Акжол Date:2019/09/17(Tue) 03:58:39 No.281

I want to help with translation, and i have many ideas(translation), but i can't do it because i need to send it to you(sk_mine). So if you answer to me i can start translating.(sorry if i have mistakes, i dont speak in english much. And i will translate the game to the russian language)

Re: Stick oc titan Name:Mine Date:2019/09/17(Tue) 12:05:19 No.283

Hello Акжол,
Thank you for your offer to help me translation. You don't need to send me your translation directly. There is already a web page for Russian that you can post your ideas. See the index page of the translation project.

If you mean you want to fix a lot of sentences and it's not easy to post them from the web page, you can also use the list file that you can download from each translation page. But if you don't have a computer, it's rather hard to use the file.

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