Finished Name:BimaSyafiq209 Date:2022/02/08(Tue) 08:04:39 No.352

Hey there Mine! I have finished the Indonesian Translation for Come on 285 enemies! 2. :>

Re: Finished Name:Mine Date:2022/02/08(Tue) 09:37:23 No.353

Hi, thank you for your big support!
I've been busy lately. I'm falling behind in releasing the update of Stick of Titan because of replacing my development computer and the coronavirus situation, and also I have to do my taxes this month, so I don't have time to make other things.

Probably I can release the Indonesian version of Come on 285 enemies! 2 in March. Hold on a moment please.

Re^2: Finished Name:BimaSyafiq209 Date:2022/02/08(Tue) 20:41:45 No.354

Oh, alright then. :>

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