Come on, 285 enemies Name:Lock Date:2022/04/06(Wed) 14:52:18 No.364

Hello, Mine! I translated all untranslated statements in Come on, 285 enemies 2! into Russian. I don't want to sound arrogant, but I want to know when the update with the translation will be released?

Re: Come on, 285 enemies Name:Mine Date:2022/04/08(Fri) 12:14:57 No.365

Hello Lock! Thank you so much for your great support!

Actually I've been busy lately because I have to take care of my family and I'm now trying a real-time release challenge of Stick of Titan (You can see what it is in my development schedule in my website). Of course I also have to work. In addition, some people suddenly sent me my games' translations at once (you are one of them). I don't know why but maybe because it's a spring vacation season? Anyway because of that, recently I could only check their translations in my time for developing games.

I'm making and maintaining my games by myself, so as I wrote in my development schedule, I can't say when I can do something about my games because of my busy situation. I'd be glad if you could understand it.

Re^2: Come on, 285 enemies Name:Lock Date:2022/04/08(Fri) 13:36:02 No.366

Of course, Mine. I understand everything. Thank you for response!

Re^3: Come on, 285 enemies Name:Lock Date:2022/04/08(Fri) 13:39:01 No.367

I'm looking forward to the update!

Re^4: Come on, 285 enemies Name:Mine Date:2022/04/16(Sat) 16:41:58 No.371

I released the new version today. You probably can download it by the end of tomorrow.
Thank you for waiting!

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