Tanaka is missing Name:Lock Date:2022/04/09(Sat) 14:59:09 No.368

Hello, Mine! I dont know is it a mistake or not, but when I was looking through the translations of the game "Which is Yoshida?" I came across a strange message. When the question "What is your favorite food?" Tanaka says "田中が足んなかった" (Noodles), but when i translated it on Russian, i got "Танака пропал без вести" (Tanaka is missing). This is kind of disturbing thing...

Re: Tanaka is missing Name:Mine Date:2022/04/09(Sat) 15:38:00 No.369

Hello. When I made the game, I didn't plan to translate it in other languages in the future. Some questions are puns in the Japanese language, but of course it doesn't make sense if you just translate them in other languages. So I changed the questions and answers into different ones in other languages.

Tanaka is n missing Name:Lock Date:2022/04/10(Sun) 12:06:35 No.370


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