Ace in Indonesian Name:BimaSyafiq209 Date:2022/05/17(Tue) 21:44:42 No.372

Hello, Mine! Well uh, can you change the "Kartu As" into "Jagoan" in Stick of Titan Indonesian version?

Because, the "Kartu As" is referred to a Poker game card though.

I apologize for misunderstanding, thank you.

Re: Ace in Indonesian Name:Mine Date:2022/05/18(Wed) 09:41:16 No.373

Hello. Thank you for pointing it out! I'll change it at the next update.

Re^2: Ace in Indonesian Name:BimaSyafiq209 Date:2022/05/21(Sat) 10:48:44 No.374

Thank you very much! I'll wait for the update! ^^

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