C.G. Stories Port. Name:Shadu Date:2022/08/15(Mon) 01:11:26 No.375

I've finished the Portuguese Translation for Chronos Gem Stories, and I've already sent It via via email.

Re: C.G. Stories Port. Name:Mine Date:2022/08/15(Mon) 10:15:23 No.376

Wow, thank you so much for your very quick work!
I'm making another part that I planed to release it last weekend but I couldn't make it because I'd been too busy, so after I release that part, I'll check your translation.
Anyway thank you so much for your support!

Re^2: C.G. Stories Port. Name:Bima Date:2022/08/17(Wed) 01:31:24 No.378

Greetings Mine! It's been a while, and your new game is amazing!

I hope I could translate it into Indonesian...

Re^3: C.G. Stories Port. Name:Mine Date:2022/08/17(Wed) 16:44:29 No.379

Thank you for playing my new game!
Since I've already released some games in Indonesian, I can release the Indonesian version of "Chronos Gem Stories" if someone helps me translate it. So I added the translation project page for this game in Indonesian.
If you have time, I'd appreciate it if you could send your translation through the page!

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