Sakura Blade Indo Name:Bima Date:2022/09/05(Mon) 23:19:56 No.385

Greetings, Mine. Well, I know you're in a development for Chronos Gem Stories update, but just to mind you that I completed the Indonesian translation for Sakura Blade! Oh, and that person Shelly is my friend, she also helps me translate your game as well.

Re: Sakura Blade Indo Name:Mine Date:2022/09/06(Tue) 10:03:08 No.386

Hi Bima, Thank you for your support!
I've checked your translation and found there are 5 more sentences that weren't translated yet. Can you fill them out?
They are in the last page of the translation project page, the message name of the first one is "Explanation of the IAP "Max charge level" (less than or equals to 80 letters)".
Thank you.

Re^2: Sakura Blade Indo Name:Bima Date:2022/09/06(Tue) 18:46:07 No.387

Oh, thanks for noticing it! I forgot about that.

Re^2: Sakura Blade Indo Name:Bima Date:2022/09/06(Tue) 18:54:15 No.388

There, I have translated the sentences.
I will wait for the update to come! ^_^

Re^3: Sakura Blade Indo Name:Mine Date:2022/09/07(Wed) 13:14:37 No.389

Thank you for your quick response!
I've released the Indonesian version. If the review goes well, you can play it tomorrow.
I hope you enjoy it!

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