Sakura Blade Spanish Name:RepoioZ Date:2022/10/01(Sat) 12:40:35 No.390

In the next cases, some uppercase are wrong placed, here are the ones (fixed) I've noticed so far:

"Modo historia - Regreso a casa" (Story Mode1)
"Modo historia - Recorrido" (Story Mode2)
"Modo historia - El límite del mal" (Story Mode3)
"Modo extra" (Extra Mode)
"Doble flecha" (Bow technique 1)
"Triple flecha" (Bow technique 2)
"Cuádruple flecha" (Bow technique 3)

I hope you can fix this, if it is not too much of a trouble, as I can't submit a suggestion due to it being the same text.

P. D: I am Svantechnical, but I no longer use that username, so feel free to delete it from the "Special Thanks" section. Also, sorry if I submit too many similar suggestions, I'm trying to make the most gramatically correct translation. :)

Re: Sakura Blade Spanish Name:Mine Date:2022/10/01(Sat) 16:18:14 No.391

Thank you for your idea.
Honestly I'm not quite sure if I should fix them or not because:

1. The uppercases are from the English translation that are from the native speakers, and I'm not sure if they are gramatically correct or not. In my opinion, they are okay as decoration so that they are not necessary to be that strict. Then the translations can follow the same way.

2. I wouldn't like to touch correctness in grammar because some people are really strict about it and there would be arguments if each sentence is grammatically correct or not. But my games aren't grammatical textbooks.

Actually the way of using uppercases like "Story Mode" was my habit of writing English and I don't use that way now. If I have time, I would correct all my works, but I'm too busy to do it recently and it will be endless work because my English improves every day.
So I'd be glad if you would understand it just as is of the author.

Re^2: Sakura Blade Spanish Name:RepoioZ Date:2022/10/01(Sat) 23:49:35 No.392

It's OK, at the end, they are just minimal errors and don't affect the comprehension of the text.

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