Tsuchiura fireworks festival (土浦花火大会)

Tsuchiura fireworks festival is held at Tsuchiura, Ibaraki pref., Japan in the beginning of October. This is one of the three biggest fireworks festivals in Japan. Besides, it is not just a festival, but also a tournament among fireworks creators, so you'll be able to watch a lot of unique, high-level, and interesting fireworks!

The below links are the videos of the festival where I went on 3 years ago. If you visit Japan on the beginning of October, why don't you go there? Just so you know, it takes an hour from the Tokyo station to the Tsuchiura station by train.
以下のリンクは3年前に行ったときの動画です。もし10月の始めに日本に来るなら、行ってみてはいかがでしょうか? 参考までに、東京駅から土浦駅までは電車で1時間です。

Rainbow fall
The fire color is getting changed while falling (1:50-).

A lot of hearts
A lot of hearts with ribbons (0:35-).

The color is changing gradually
The color of sphere is changing gradually (0:45-)

Tsuchiura hanabi zukushi
It's a title of the biggest work in this festival.