Ichiroku tart (一六タルト)

Ichiroku tart is one of the special sweets of Shikoku, Japan. Ichiroku is the maker's name. It doesn't seem like a tart, more like a castella cake. The black part is sweet been paste with citron flavor.

The most important thing is... this tart is very delicious! Shikoku is not very popular sightseeing area though, if you go there, I recommend trying it! You can also buy it at supermarkets or department stores in other areas when they hold Shikoku fairs.
何より重要なことは……このタルトがとてもおいしいということです! 四国はそれほど人気のある観光地ではありませんが、もし行くならこれを試してみることをお勧めします! 四国以外のスーパーやデパートでも四国フェアをやっているときに買うことができますよ。