Difficulty of ordering expensive sushi (高い寿司を注文する難しさ)

I don’t know much about sushi.

Does that sound strange to you? In fact I’ve never gone to a full-blown sushi restaurants. In Japan there are two types of sushi restaurant. Belt sushi or ... what is commonly called “mawaranai sushi” (not rounding sushi). In the former type, sushi plates are on the belt conveyor and you can pick it up. The price is reasonable. The total price for diner will be around 2000-4000 yen. But the latter type, the price is not fixed. That goes by current prices, and I heard it can be as expensive as 10-30 thousand yen. In addition, I heard there is no menu. It means you have to study about fishes before you go there. It’s too hard!
変に聞こえますか? 実は私は本格的な寿司屋に行ったことがありません。日本には2種類の寿司屋があります。回転寿司と、……日本人はよく「回らない寿司」と呼んでいます。前者では寿司の皿がベルトコンベアに載っていて、それを取って食べます。値段は手頃で、夕食で2000ー4000円程度です。しかし後者は値段が固定ではありません。時価で、聞いた話では総額1万から3万くらいするそうです。おまけにメニューも置いていない。つまり事前に魚について勉強しておかなければならないということ。ムズすぎ!

Of course there are also some easy order ways called “omakase” (chef’s choice) or “okimari” (course), but if I go there I want to enjoy it as much as possible. So in order to study about sushi, I borrowed this “sushi picture book” from the library. After studying, I’ll go on an adventure. ...Hey this book says there are 321 kinds of sushi ingredients𿘱