Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum (清水三年坂美術館)

(This picture is from here.)

Kyoto is a beautiful city. There are so many famous temples, shrines, beautiful nature and traditional Japanese houses.

There are also some excellent museums. If you are interested in art works like the above image, I recommend visiting Kiyomizu Sannnenzaka museum near Kiyomizu-dera temple. This museum is very small, but they are exhibiting a lot of great, small art works. Those are called Chouzetsu-gikou which means extremely super techniques of art. Actually, the bamboo shoot in the above image is not a real one, but was made from ivory. Can you believe it?

I finally had visited the museum the end of last year. I had missed visiting there three times because of the close period, my bad trip schedule and my bad health... Anyway, I was so impressed with the art works there so that I had spent almost two hours even though it's a small museum. I want to go there again.