Chiebukuro (知恵袋)

Chiebukuro — all questions in the world are there.

Chiebukuro (it means a knowledge bag) is a Japan’s famous Q&A website. Everyone can post questions on the website freely and everyone can answer them freely. This is an old website so that now a lot of questions and answers are stacked on there. How to make friends, how the space was born, how to get rid of mold in bathroom, price of furniture, keeping a dog, gossip of entertainers, English grammar, greeting of Russian, someone’s homework, how to find husband’s unfaithfulness, ... Of course there are also so many stupid questions and much more stupid answers, anyway what I want to say is, it is very difficult to find unposted questions on there. I have tried to find it for about an hour, but all my questions were found on the website. I was devastated...

Several days later, I suddenly felt sleepy at night. But it was a bit early to go to bed. At the time, I got inspiration.

“Score! This one! ‘I’m sleepy right now. Should I go to bed soon?’ What a stupid question! This one must not be posted on Chiebukuro yet!”
「これだ! この質問だ! 『私は今眠いです。すぐ寝るべきですか?』なんてくだらない質問なんだ! これなら知恵袋にもまだ投稿されていないに違いない!」

Soon I searched the question on Chiebukuro. Two seconds later, I found this Q&A.

Q. I’m sleepy. Should I go to bed?
A. If you feel sleepy, I think you should go to bed.
Q. 私は眠いです。寝るべきですか?
A. 眠いなら、寝るべきだと思います。

Chiebukuro — all questions in the world are there.