White Day (ホワイトデー)

White day is the day which was made as pairing up with Valentine’s Day by a candy industry. On this day, March 14th, it is supposed that the boys who received chocolates from girls on the Valentine’s Day of the year should give something in return to the girls. At first when the event was made, “something” was supposed to be a candy or a handkerchief. It means, if the boy is willing to accept the girl’s love, he gives candies to her. But if he doesn’t want the love, he sends a handkerchief for her to wipe away her tears by herself.

Even now many boys believe that they should give candies on White Day (I have never heard someone really sent handkerchiefs to girls). But resently, girls have much different ideas. They say there is a different trend each year. For example, the trend in 2011 or so was guimauve. ...Wait, what is that?😨 At the time I heard about it from my female friend, I had never heard such a name before. It's not only me. I bet over 99.99% of Japanese men have never heard that name. At first I thought that was a mechanical something that has some springs and bolts and... My friend told me politely that guimauve was French sweet.
今でも多くの男の子たちはホワイトデーにはキャンディをあげるべきだと信じています(本当にハンカチを女の子に贈った人の話を聞いたことがありません)。しかし最近では、女の子たちはまったく違う考えを持っています。彼女たちは毎年違う流行があると言います。例えば、2011年か何かの流行はギモーヴでした。……待って、何それ?😨 私が初めて女友達からこの話を聞いた時は、そんな名前聞いたこともありませんでした。私だけじゃありません。99.99%以上の日本男子はその名前を聞いたことがないと確信しています。最初はバネやボルトのついた何かの機械かと思いました……。友達はギモーヴとはフランスのスイーツだと丁寧に教えてくれました。

Japanese girls don’t say “I want guimauve in return!” out loud. They expect such stuff just silently. But their wish never comes true as long as the boys still try to decide whether they should give candies or a handkerchief to girls...

By the way, recently it is also often said that men who received chocolates should return back triplefold to the women. In Japanese, it is called "sanbai gaeshi".

Well, if it's said about couples or lovers, I don’t mind anything. Please feel free to do anything you like ... But what about giri-choco? As I wrote above, giri-choco are chocolates which women send to men out of obligation. There are often no friendships, let alone relationships. In spite of that, some women who are not really close to us give us handmade chocolates as giri-choco. Why is it handmade? Does it mean... She implicitly wanted triplefold in value or more... or, she is just a good cook... Oh, what should we do??
うーん、もし夫婦や恋人たちに関して言われているなら、私は何も気にしません。好きなようにやっててください……。でも義理チョコについては? 上に書いたように、義理チョコは女性たちが男性に義理で贈るチョコです。そこにはしばしば恋愛関係どころか友情関係さえありません。にもかかわらず、あまり仲が良くもない女性が手作りチョコを渡してきます。なんで手作りなの? これはつまり……。彼女は3倍かそれ以上の何かを暗黙のうちに期待している……それとも、単に料理上手なだけなのか……。ああ、私達はどうすればいいのです?

During Valentine’s Day season, many women complain about giri-choco. They really feel like it's bothersome. On the other hand, the men who received giri-choco are worried about what to return on White Day and feel really gloomy. Hey, why don’t you stop such a habit? No one becomes happy!
バレンタインシーズンには、多くの女性が義理チョコについて不満を言います。彼女たちは本当に面倒だと感じているんです。一方で義理チョコを受け取った男性たちはホワイトデーに何を返すかを心配して本気で憂鬱になります。ねえ、そんな習慣やめたら? 誰も幸せにならないじゃん!

About me? There were no women in our office, so we were not worried about anything. We bought a big chocolate cake on that day and celebrated the day by ourselves. Maybe on White Day, we will buy some delicious sweets and enjoy it by ourselves again. It’s a really peaceful way.
私はどうか? うちのオフィスには一人も女性がいないので、何も心配しなかったです。私達はその日に大きなチョコレートケーキを買って自分たちだけでお祝いしました。たぶんホワイトデーには、私達はまたおいしいスイーツを買ってきて自分たちだけで楽しむでしょう。これが本当に平和なやり方です。