Sakura (桜)

Last Sunday, I went to view the sakura (cherry blossom) with my friends. The weather was very nice and sakura flowers were fully bloomed! We went to Meguro River, one of the most popular and famous sakura spots in Tokyo. It was so crowded there.𿘨 But we enjoyed it a lot! We also ate sakura mochi and green tea. It’s Japanese style.
先週の日曜日、友達と桜の花見に行きました。とてもいい天気で、桜は満開でした! 私達は東京の桜の名所の一つである目黒川に行きました。とても混んでいましたが𿘨とても楽しかったです! 私たちは桜餅と緑茶も頂きました。これが日本式です。

I've heard that there are many types of sakura, so you can see sakura flowers throughout the year somewhere in Japan. But by far the most popular one is Somei Yoshino. You can see the sakura on the pictures above. These sakura flowers don’t live long. Most of them fall off the tree branches only a week after they are fully bloomed. But Japanese people love the impermanence, so people in the old era have planted so many Somei Yoshino trees here and there.

If you are lucky enough to come to Japan during this short season, and ride a local train between East and West, like from Tokyo to Kyoto, you can see sakura flowers constantly from the window. It seems as though the air is colored in light pink. I have tried it once and was so impressed. The excellent view almost made me cry.

Without doubt, this is the most beautiful season in Japan.