Hana-ikada (花筏)

(This picture is from here.)

Do you know the Japanese word “hana-ikada”? It means “flower raft” in literally, and it describes a scene that flower petals (especially sakura) are flowing on a river. I wanted to show you hana-ikada with my picture but I couldn’t find good scenes, so I'm going to share you an example picture I found on the internet. 「花筏」という日本語を知っていますか? 文字通り「花の筏」という意味ですが、花びら(特に桜の)が川を流れていく様子を表現したものです。私の写真で花筏をお見せしたかったのですがいい景色を見つけられなかったので、ネットで見つけた参考写真を共有します。

There are a lot of beautiful words and phrases in the Japanese language, and this is definitely one of them.