The trip to Australia 2 (オーストラリア旅行2)

I met the husband of the Airbnb’s host this morning. He asked me I'd like to go for dinner together tonight. Of course I answered yes!
At night, we went to an Italian restaurant, a famous sweets shop and an Australian style pub together. He knew a lot about Melbourne. Thanks to him, I enjoyed and learned a lot! The picture above is the pizza we ate. Oh no, it was too dark!
Although I noticed my misunderstanding during the dinner.
夜、私達はイタリアンレストラン、有名なスイーツショップ、そしてオーストラリアスタイルパブに一緒に行きました。彼はメルボルンについて詳しかったです。彼のおかげでたくさん学べたし楽しかったです! 上の写真は私達が食べたピザです。ああ、でも暗すぎた!

I asked him while eating the pizza: “When did you start Airbnb?”
He answered: “10 days ago.”
Me: “10 days ago!?”

Actually he was just the other guest ... not the husband of the host. I didn’t know there was another guest in the same house...
Just before leaving the house to go for dinner, the host said to me “I’ll take a shower. After that let’s talk!”. But just after she entered the bathroom, another guest said to me “hey, let’s get going”. But I couldn’t ask him “do you leave your wife?” because I thought that was a circumstance of the couple. It’s like a comedy... But I have to apologize her tomorrow morning...

It’s just one of the episodes in here. Many surprising things come to me every day. Traveling foreign country alone is really amazing!