The trip to Australia 4 (オーストラリア旅行4)

[Airbnb experience reports]

I have stayed at two houses on Airbnb during this trip. This time I'm going to report my experiences.

The first one) The host invited her friend on the evening. They ate dinner together, watched a movie, and talked loudly. My room was on the upstairs, but I had heard all the sounds.
最初の家) ホストが夜に彼女の友達を呼びました。彼らは夕食を食べ、映画を見、大きな声で話しました。私の部屋は上の階でしたが、すべての音が聞こえていました。

The biggest problem was that I had to walk through their side to go to the bathroom. Besides, because the Melbourne’s nights were cold, I often felt like going to the bathroom. But I couldn’t help hesitating to go downstairs...

The second one) It's quiet. Too quiet.
The hosts were young couple and their room was just next to my room. But I had heard no sounds from hosts' room. I had heard no talking and no sounds of lives. There is no doubt that they were there because their room’s light was on and sometimes they went out of their room and went to the bathroom.
Were they just doing mediation in their room? Or was their room connected to another dimension X?
2つめの家) 静かだ。静かすぎる。
彼らは部屋でただ瞑想でもしていたのでしょうか? それとも彼らの部屋はディメンジョンXと繋がっていたのでしょうか?

I see. This is Airbnb...