The trip to Australia 6 (オーストラリア旅行6)

Today I'm going to report my peculiar experience in the Airbnb house.

I really wanted to talk with the Airbnb host, but I hesitated to call him being his room just for a chat. So I sat down the couch in the living room and have waited to the host coming. 30 minutes later, suddenly he came out of dimension X and talked to me in Japanese.


Besides his Japanese was natural. He said he had learned Japanese in his school days. Wow.
Although... why haven’t you talked to me ever before!? I have stayed here for three nights, and this is the last night!
でも……なんで今までずっと話しかけてこなかったんですか!? ここには3晩も泊まって、これが最後の夜なのに!

Airbnb is really fascinating. I cannot predict at all what happens.

* About dimension X, see my second last report.