The trip to Australia 9 (オーストラリア旅行9)

I came back to Japan! Wow! Almost all people are Japanese in this country!😳
日本に戻ってきました! ワオ! この国のほとんどの人は日本人だ!😳

My Japanese friend living in Australia said that prices of commodities in Australia are quite higher than ones in Japan. But I wondered if the opinion was correct or not when I went shopping to a supermarket in Australia. So the second time I went to the supermarket, I checked the prices of some food and goods and made a comparison list. Just so you know, I'm going to share it here.

Note: I also wanted to compare the prices of vegetables, fruits etc, but that was difficult because the prices are kg unit in Australia, as for Japan those are quantity unit. So I only checked things which unit of price is the same.

Note 2: the prices were converted to yen. I calculated the prices with the rate for A$1=¥80. The first number of each line is the price in Japan, and the second one is the price in Australia.

beef mince [100g] 140 56
pork mince [100g] 110 80
chicken leg [100g] 130 104
cheese [100g] 200 160
milk [1L] 160 89
yogurt [100g] 68 22
sliced bread [100g] 40 20
orange juice [1L] 160 160
coke [100ml] 24 45
water [500ml] 100 120
egg [1] 22 23
toilet paper [1 roll] 30 35
牛ひき肉 [100g] 140 56
豚ひき肉 [100g] 110 80
鳥もも肉 [100g] 130 104
チーズ [100g] 200 160
牛乳 [1L] 160 89
ヨーグルト [100g] 68 22
パン [100g] 40 20
オレンジジュース [1L] 160 160
コーラ [100ml] 24 45
水 [500ml] 100 120
玉子 [1] 22 23
トイレットペーパー [1 roll] 30 35

Hmm...? It seems like the prices in Japan are basically higher than those in Australia...
On the other hand, the cost of dishes in cafes or restaurants in Australia are much higher than those in Japan. So if I cook myself everyday (I already do it in Japan though), it would be easier to live in Australia rather than Japan...
あれ? オーストラリアより日本の方が基本的に値段が高いように見えるけど……。

In the end, this is my best photo in this trip. The title is “A kangaroo scratching the belly contentedly”.