Rei-shabu (冷しゃぶ)

Too humid and a bit hot days in Japan... For such days, I often cook 冷しゃぶ (れいしゃぶ). It’s simple and delicious!

1. Slice onion, and put it flatly on a plate.
2. Boil sliced pork for short time (しゃぶしゃぶ), take it out of the pot and cool it down, and then put it on the onion.
3. Mince Japanese basil, and put it on the pork.
4. Put ポン酢(ぽんず) or soy sauce on it and eat!
1. 玉ねぎを刻んで、皿の上に平らに敷く。
2. 豚の薄切り肉を短い時間煮て(しゃぶしゃぶして)、鍋から取り出して冷やし、玉ねぎの上にのせる。
3. しそを刻んで、豚肉の上にのせる。
4. ポン酢またはしょうゆをかけて食べる!

You can eat it easily during hot season because the food is not hot. Give it try!