Goya champru (ゴーヤチャンプルー)

I cooked ゴーヤチャンプルー for dinner. This is one of the specialties of Okinawa. ゴーヤ is a bitter melon, and チャンプルー is a dialect of Okinawa and means like mixed food (ごちゃまぜ). Now, this food is popular in all over Japan.
夕飯にゴーヤチャンプルーを作りました。沖縄の名物料理の一つです。ゴーヤとはbitter melonで、チャンプルーは沖縄の方言でごちゃまぜというような意味です。今では日本中で人気の料理です。

The name means mixed food, but the most common ingredients are bitter melons, pork, tofu, eggs and bonito flakes.

Many people prefer eating this food during summer because the best season for bitter melons is in the summer. Also bitter melons contain abundance of vitamin C, so it is supposed to be good for our health during the hot summer.

Of course it was delicious!😁