What does "Hit me up!" sound like to Japanese people ("Hit me up!"が日本人にどう聞こえるか)

Last month I learned the casual phrase “hit me up!”. Now I know it means “call me!” or “contact me!” or something, but when I heard the expression from my friend, I was confused.
先月 "Hit me up!" というカジュアルなフレーズを学びました。今は「声をかけて!」とか「連絡して!」とかいう意味だと分かっていますが、友達からこの表現を聞いた時は混乱しました。

The below image is which came to my mind at the time. I think many Japanese people misunderstand like me. So when you use this phrase, be careful of incorrect contact by them.

(This image is from the game "Street Fighter 2", CAPCOM)