Picking up trash (ごみ拾い)

I saw some news about Japanese people in the World Cup stadium like “the Japanese team cleaned up their locker room after they lost to Belgium” or “the Japanese supporters picked up the garbage around their seats after Japan’s games”. Have you ever seen news like that?

There is a saying “tatsu tori ato wo nigosazu” in Japan. It means that a bird doesn’t mess up the place they were before leaving. Although I don’t know which birds are that polite, Japanese people like this saying and that’s why many of them clean up around them before leaving. Put the chairs to rights and clean up the table a little in restaurants (we don’t clean it up perfectly though), clean up the room a little and fold the used towels or gowns in their hotel rooms (we don’t make the beds though), take used tissue papers to blow my nose back home from ramen restaurants (maybe it’s just me though), etc. I'm not sure whether many foreign people do something like that or not, and of course there are also many Japanese people who don’t care about cleanliness like mentioned above, but it’s supposed to be a common manner at least in Japan. So even if people such as soccer supporters clean up their seats after games in Japan, that doesn’t make news.

I think it’s a good manner and I’m proud of it. I believe such manners make this world a bit more comfortable. Okay, tomorrow I’ll take used tissue papers back home again even if my pockets become dirty ...