Tanabata (七夕)

Today is Tanabata in Japan. It is said that Ori-hime and Hikoboshi, the lovers living in the country in the sky, can meet up with each other only on this day in a year if the weather is good. I’m assuming it’s a kind of romantic story, but I forgot the details. So I reviewed it just now. I’m going to try to introduce the story in English.

Ori-hime was a beautiful daughter of a god, and her work was making clothes for the gods living in the country in the sky. Hikoboshi was a handsome guy and he was a cattleman. They fell in love, but they got too close and were into each other so that they started to neglect their works. Since many gods complained about the lovers' laziness to Ori-hime’s father, he got angry and prohibited the lovers from meeting up. They were separated onto the different sides of the Milky Way, and Ori-hime's father permitted them to meet up only at night of July 7th. But if it rains on the day, they can’t meet up because of the rising water level of the Milky Way.

Wait. Is it really a romantic story? It seems like just an exemplum which says “work hard, don’t be lazy”! 😨
I didn’t notice it when I was a little pure child...😨
待って。これ本当にロマンチックなお話? 「懸命に働け、怠けるな!」というただの訓話に見えるんですが。😨