The trip to Singapore and Malaysia 3 (シンガポール・マレーシア旅行3)

Yesterday I went to the Former Ford Factory in Singapore and learned history, especially about Japanese army’s occupation. I think their behavior in occupied place was almost the same as the way in the other Asian countries. Every time I read such documents I get gloomy.
The reception staff lent capes to visitors because it was very cold in the building. I think it’s better to adjust the A.C. setting warmer.

After that I went to Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands. I ate dinner at the shopping center. Just after I went out of there, suddenly some helicopters hooking a national flag came over, and then acrobatic flight of planes started. Also I saw fireworks during the night! My friend said that was a rehearsal of a celebration taken place next month. Haha, I’m always lucky on my trips.😊
その後ガーデンズ・バイ・ザ・ベイとマリーナ・ベイ・サンズに行きました。そこのショッピングセンターで夕食を食べました。ちょうどそこから出たとき、突然国旗を下げたヘリコプターがやってきて、それから飛行機のアクロバット飛行が始まりました。その夜の間に花火も見ました! 友達は来月開催される祝賀イベントのリハーサルだと言っていました。私は旅行中はいつも運がいいです。😊