The trip to Singapore and Malaysia 6 (シンガポール・マレーシア旅行6)

I went to the Bird Park in Kuala Lumpur. I was able to see many birds very close to me, and the bird show was entertaining!

I also got interested in the Islam museum near the park, but it was only an hour left to be close, besides they didn’t accept paying by credit card and I was MR 0.7 short, so I was not able to enter it.𿘭

I noticed that credit card is very useful for traveling abroad (haha, I know that’s a kind of common sense though, forgive me I’m still a beginner of traveling abroad alone!). I didn’t need any cash in Australia. In Singapore, I was able to buy almost everything by card except in hawkers. But I could hardly find restaurants accepting cards in Malaysia. Paying by card was refused even in a hotel which showed a logo of VISA on their door.𿘂 I didn’t understand the rule ... it just might depend on the price?
海外旅行ではクレジットカードがとても便利だと気づきました(常識みたいなことだとは分かっていますが大目に見てください。私はまだ海外一人旅の初心者なので!)。オーストラリアでは私はまったく現金を必要としませんでした。シンガポールでは、ホーカーズを除いてほとんどすべてのものをカードで買えました。しかしマレーシアでは、カードを受け付けてくれるレストランをほとんど見つけられませんでした。VISAのロゴがドアに表示されたホテルでさえカード払いを拒否されました。𿘂 ルールが理解できませんでした……場所によるだけ?

Actually, even in big cities like Tokyo in Japan, there are still so many restaurants and shops which don’t accept credit card. So if you come to Japan, I recommend you preparing enough cash. I know that’s bothersome though.