Migraine (偏頭痛)

I got a migraine attack last week. Maybe it was due to the low pressure came from the typhoon.

It is said that drinking coffee can ease the pain of migraine. It has scientific proof. Migraine attack is caused by expanding of blood vessels in our brain, by contrast the caffeine in coffee has the effect of shrinking the vessels. So it really works! Of course it’s just a symptomatic treatment, and the best way to get well is taking enough rest. If you use coffee, there is a risk that the pain stays long. But if you want to ease the pain quickly, for example while you are working, coffee is really useful.
コーヒーを飲むと偏頭痛の痛みを和らげられると言われています。科学的な根拠もあります。偏頭痛は脳の血管の膨張によって起こるのですが、それに対してコーヒーに入っているカフェインには脳の血管を収縮させる働きがあるからです。なのでこれ本当に効くんです! もちろんこれは対症療法でしかないので、回復するのに一番いい方法はゆっくり休むことです。コーヒーを使うと痛みが長引くリスクがあります。でもすぐに痛みを和らげたいとき、例えば仕事中には、コーヒーは本当に役に立ちます。

I’ve tried some different types of coffee every time I got a migraine attack. As the result, I found that the coffee sold at Starbucks (300 yen) is much more effective for migraine than the coffee sold at Seven-Eleven (100 yen). I don’t know whether it’s just for me or not though, at least my migraine seems to be picky about coffee.