Recital (リサイタル)

(The picture is from here.)

This week I learned a new English word, which was the word “recital”. Actually I didn’t think this word really exists in English.

In Japan, we use “concert” as コンサート, but we don’t use “recital”. But there is only one exception. It's Jaian’s recital.
日本ではconcert は「コンサート」として使いますが、recital は使いません。ただし一つだけ例外があります。ジャイアンのリサイタルがそれです。

Jaian is a character in the super famous Japanese manga Doraemon. He is a bully, and is known to be extremely poor at singing. But he likes singing. He often has his “recital”, but his song breaks people’s hearts whenever they hear it.

Japanese people see the word “recital” only in the manga, so many people really believe that recital means Jaian’s concert. Of course, I was one of them.

My world has changed radically. Jaian, go away.