Oden (おでん)

Oden season has come.

Oden is one type of nabe (pot food) in Japan. It warms you, so commonly we eat it in winter. Many oden ingredients are unique, and we almost only use them for oden. The brown things are deep fried grated fishes.

If you want to cook it, you can buy a pack of oden ingredients in supermarkets. Put the ingredients, the soup included the pack, and some water in a pot. And then bring it to a boil. That’s all! How easy!
Pick up some ingredients and soup into your bowl, and eat it with karashi (Japanese mustard).
おでんを作りたいときは、具一式のパックをスーパーで買えます。具と、付属のスープ、それに水を少し鍋に入れて沸騰させたらできあがり! まあ簡単!

There are so many oden ingredients. The ingredients in oden also depend on the local area it is from. Just so you know, my favorite ingredients are daikon (Chinese radish, not in the picture below), boiled eggs (oh, not in the picture below either), and hanpen (the white square one). Normally daikon and eggs are not included in the packs because they won’t last long. So if you want to eat it, you need to make it yourself.

If you don’t want to cook, you can buy cooked oden in convenience stores. It’s cheap, but not bad. Besides in there, you can find both daikon and eggs. I like most is the one of Seven-Eleven. I don’t know why but most of the convenience stores sell oden even in summer, so if you live overseas and want to eat oden during your Japan trip, you can always get it and try it from convenience stores.

Enjoy your oden life!