Little Shop (リトルショップ)

Today I tried a Japanese curry restaurant which I’ve not been to before. Although, the restaurant is so popular so that there was a long line in front of the entrance. I had to wait for 50 minutes! I wanted to try the special curry, but I had to order the other menu item because the portion of the special curry seemed way too much to be able to make the next schedule.
今日はまだ行ったことのない日本カレーのお店を試してきました。ところがそのお店はすごい人気で、入口の前に長い行列ができていました。なんと50分も待ちました! スペシャルカレーを食べたかったのですが、すごく量が多いようで次の予定に間に合わなくなりそうだったので、他のメニューを注文しなくてはなりませんでした。

Then I ordered the karaage curry. This restaurant is also famous for its portions. I ordered a small serving of rice, but it was a bit larger than standard portions that other restaurants usually serve! The curry itself was good, but what I was surprised at most was the high quality of karaage. It was as though a restaurant that specializes in karaage! Besides, it only costed 700 yen!
それで唐揚げカレーを注文しました。このお店は量の多さでも有名です。小ライスを注文したのですが、他のお店の普通の量より少し多いくらいでした。カレーそのものもおいしかったですが、一番驚いたのは唐揚げのクオリティの高さ。まるで唐揚げ専門店みたい! その上、一杯たった700円!

I knew this restaurant “Little Shop” is called “the most reasonable restaurant in Shibuya”, and it turned out to be true. But this restaurant is always crowded, and they will be closed before the closing time if there are too many customers and the ingredients get empty, so it’s not easy to try it again. Hmm, although, I want to eat the special curry some day ...