Japanese curry (日本カレー)

I like Japanese curry. I also like Indian, Nepalese and Thai curry though, I eat Japanese curry every week. In Japan, some people say “Tuesday is a date of curry” and it’s based on the old TV commercial. It would be simply because the “Ka” sounds of the head of Tuesday and curry in Japanese are the same. I don’t intend to follow it, but recently I usually cook curry every Tuesdays.

The features of Japanese curry are the thick soup, the ingredients and the way of eating it with rice. The common ingredients are meat (chicken, pork or beef), onions, carrots and potatoes. I like chicken one better. And many people eat it with putting curry on rice. Sometimes it is controversial that what we should call the way of eating, curry rice or rice curry. I’m a curry rice person. It’s not important haha.

Actually, I found that red wine goes well with Japanese curry. I’ve been trying various combinations of food and red wine (like with fried salty fish, mapo tofu, etc) for two years, and the only succeeded combination is this one. If you have a chance, give it try.