Fish (魚)

Two days ago, a dried fish set which I ordered before was delivered. There are so many fishes in the box! I cooked one of them for dinner tonight.
2日前、以前注文した干物セットが届きました。箱の中に魚がたくさん! 今夜は夕飯に一つ調理しました。

The contents in the picture is similar to Japanese traditional meal. Rice, miso soup, natto, (fried) fish, green tea, and sake! (It’s not water in the glass in the back!) Sake is really goes well with fishes, especially with raw fishes.
写真に写っている内容は伝統的な日本の食事に似ています。ご飯、味噌汁、納豆、(焼き)魚、緑茶、そして日本酒!(奥のグラスの中身は水じゃないです!) 日本酒は本当に魚、特に生の魚によく合います。

I think it's supposed by many foreign people that Japanese people often eat fishes. But consumption of fishes in Japan has been certainly decreasing year by year. I like fishes, but I rarely cook them because fishy smell permeates the kitchen and it is kept for a few days. It was the first time in a while I bought fishes.

If you want to eat Japanese traditional meals, you might be able to eat them for breakfast when you stay at Japanese-style hotels.