The manners in shrines and temples (お寺や神社でのマナー)

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If you’re gonna on hatsumoude in Japan, it is better to know the rules before. Today I’m gonna try to explain the basic rule in English.

The rule I write about is how to pray.

Actually even many Japanese people often forget it, but temples and shrines are very different. The religions, the gods, the rules, everything is different. I don’t say the details this time though. The easiest way to distinguish shrines from temples is to see there is a torii (the gates like ⛩) or not. Torii is commonly in front of shrines.

In temples, you should pray like this:
1. Throw money into the box in front of the temple. A 10 yen coin is common, but you can put bills into the box if you want to pay more.
2. Ring the bell softly.
3. Bow once while putting your hands together “silently” and making a wish in your mind.
1. 寺の前の箱にお金を入れる。10円玉が一般的ですが、もっと払いたければお札でも構いません。
2. 鈴を優しく鳴らす。
3. 両手を「静かに」合わせて心の中で願い事をしながら一礼する。

As for in shrines:
1. Throw money into the box like in temples.
2. Bow twice, clap your hands twice, and bow once more while making a wish in your mind. This manner is called nirei-nihakushu-ichirei.
1. 寺と同様に箱にお金を入れる。
2. 2回礼をし、2回手を打ち鳴らし、そしてもう一度礼をしながら心の中で願い事をする。このマナーを二礼二拍手一礼と言います。

Just so you know, if you clap your hands in the everyday life in Japan, you might be regarded as an alchemist. Be careful.

Enjoy your hatsumoude!