Crepe shops (クレープ屋さん)

There is a crepe shop near my house. The shop is small, but the crepes are the best I’ve eaten ever.

I heard that there are not many crepe shops at least in America or Australia. My Japanese friend moved to Australia, and she liked the country, but she said her only complaint about the country is that she’s never found any crepe shops there. When I heard of it, I couldn’t help but ask her like “So how do people live there?”

Of course I was joking though, there are a lot of crepe shops in Japan, especially in Tokyo.
The other day, I went to Takeshita street in Harajuku which is the downtown in the city and counted the number of crepe shops because it seemed that there were many shops. There were at least four shops in the narrow area! It’s too much!

Are there much more crepe shops in France?