An example of Japanese education (日本の教育の例)

(The picture is from here)

I found an interesting article about a math test in a Japanese elementary school (second grade) this morning, so I’m gonna share it with you.

Can you tell why these answers in the picture are not correct? The red triangles mean “it’s close to the correct answer, but is not correct.” Question No.4 asks for you to “Connect the points with lines to make a triangle and a rectangle.”
写真の中の答えが正しくない理由が分かりますか? 赤い三角は「正しい答えに近いけれど、正しくない」という意味です。4番の質問の意味は「点を線で結んで三角形と四角形を作りなさい」です。

I heard that the teacher said “It's incorrect because the line is curved or the line runs off the point a little.”

Some people who saw the article complained about the teacher’s method, and I think it’s ridiculous too because the teachers don’t check the degree of students’ comprehension, but at the same time, I also know the way in which the Japanese teacher graded this test is common. The teachers would explain their methods by saying things like “If you don’t write your answers perfectly, you won’t pass college entrance exams.”

I sometimes see that foreign people saying things like ”It’s better for Japanese people to not be afraid of making mistakes in English conversation”, or “Why do Japanese people say ‘I can’t speak English’ even though they speak English?”, and that’s because Japanese people are always required to be “perfect” on everything in society, like the above. The pressure is very heavy like, it's either “perfect or trash”, so it's not easy for people to change their habits.