Ladies first (レディファースト)

My Japanese male friend and I talked about ladies first in Japan the other day.

Me: I heard that there is a culture of ladies first in Korea and Singapore even though they are Asian countries.
Friend: Oh really?
M: I also heard that in China, if a woman has the heavy luggage at the stairs in a station, a guy whom she doesn’t know will offer to hold her luggage.
F: Hmm, but if we do something like that in Japan, we’ll get arrested.
M: Because the woman will call the police just because we talk to her, right?
F: That’s right.

It’s not completely a joke. Although women won’t call police that often, it’s certain that many people here, especially women, are super cautious. It seems like they are always afraid of being involved in crimes even though Japan is safe.

By the way, did you notice? I used keigo to my friend, and my friend didn’t use keigo to me. That’s because he is older than me. The age difference is only two years though.
ところで、気がつきましたか? 私は友達に敬語を使い、友達は私に敬語を使っていませんでした。彼の方が年上だからです。たった2歳差ですけど。

Differences between cultures are always interesting, aren’t they?