Kindness (親切)

I have an anecdote about this red wine.

I went wine shopping the other day, and found an old man in the shop. He wanted to get a bottle of wine on the shelf, but it was too high for him so that he was not able to reach it. He wanted the staffs to help him and looked at them some times, but all of them were at the other side of the cash registers and looked very busy.

So I said him “Would you like me to get it?”, and passed a bottle to him. He looked at me as though he was so surprised, and said “I didn’t think there were still a young person like you who is that kind.”

Hay hay hay, I just passed a bottle that he was not able to reach! Is it that kind?😂 Are there really only few people who do like this?😂 Is Japan alright?😂
いやいやいや、手が届かないボトルを取ってあげただけですよ? それがそんなに親切?😂 こういうことをする人がそんなに少ないの?😂 日本大丈夫?😂

He didn’t leave there soon. He saw me looking for wines for a while, and then said “This wine was good” and pointed to the wine in the picture.

But the wine was much more expensive than I usually buy, so I couldn’t say “Okay, I’ll take it!” soon. While I couldn’t say anything, he saw me being embarrassed, and then ...

And then, he left without saying anything😂

Haha, if he had said “Okay, I’m gonna present it to you!” or “You can get married to my beautiful daughter!” or things like that, this story would’ve been more impressive. But I know, it’s a real life😂 I thought it was a good opportunity to try this wine, so I bought it myself.

Just now I tried drinking the wine, and it turned out to be not my kind of wine😂 I know it’s a real life. And also it’s a difficult thing about wine. Because flavor of wine is not always the same even if it’s the same wine as you tried before.
たった今そのワインを飲んでみて、好みでないことが分かりました😂 これが現実ですよね。そして同時にワインの難しさです。ワインの味は同じワインであってもいつも同じではないですからね。