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(last update: Jul. 8th, 2023)

I'm trying to reply to all reviews and mails because I'm very grateful for your comments, but recently I receive a lot of many reviews every day. Reviews I get are increasing gradually, and my time for developing games is decreasing day by day. That's why I made this FAQ page. If you have a question or request to my apps, please check the list below first. Thank you for your cooperation!

My development policy
Chronos Gem Stories
Breezy Rogue
Sorairo Garden
Two player Dai-hinmin
Sakura Blade
Stick of Titan
Binge on Fish Sausage
Which is Yoshida?
Come on 285 enemies! 2
Come on 285 enemies!



- The copyright of the games are in the author Mine. Unauthorized diversion etc are forbidden.
- If you'd like to introduce these games on your website, videos or SNS, make sure to show who the author is and the link of the author's website. Although it's forbidden to introduce these games on illegal sites.
- If you'd like to distribute these games, contact the author beforehand.
- The materials (images, music, sound effect, etc) used in these games are forbidden to take out and use for your purpose.
- If you'd like to send impression or bug reports, contact the author with email.
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My development policy

  1. 1. What I want to provide.
    I basically make games for fun. And at the same time, I want to provide refreshing, exciting and relaxing time to users.
    My ideal is "good games for refreshing". There are so many games in the world these days and sometimes people spend over 100 hours only on one game. I don't say those games are harmful though, I think such games take up too many hours from the users. In addition, some of the games would rather be just addictive over fun.
    I don't want my users to literally waist their time. If you feel refreshed, comfortable, excited or relaxed by playing my games, I'd be glad. If you enjoy your schooldays, work or other hobbies more after playing my games, that's my pleasure.
  2. 2. The characteristics of my games.
    Based on the above policy, I'm basically trying to make my games to have the below characteristics.
    • Simple.
    • Easy to start.
    • Easy to clear.
    • Easy to stop playing: not too addictive.
    • Not cruel: I want users to become happy, not disgusted.
    • Varied: it is difficult to satisfy all the users with one game, so I'll try to make various games. As the result, even if you are my games' fan, you may not like some of my games.
    • Having a lot of originality: if someone else has already made quite similar games, why do I need to make such games?
    • My favorite: it is too difficult for me to make games which I don't like but other people like. I believe that the more I like the game I make, the happier the users will get with playing the game.

    I often do trial and error on making games, so sometimes I make games that don't have all the above characteristics. But basically I follow the above ideas.
  3. 3. The features of my activities outside the games.
    I provide some other characteristics outside the games in order to follow my policy written above.
    • Participating in making games: the translation project is one of them. I think fans would become the best translators for the games they like, and also the fans can enjoy more by participating in making games on that way.
    • Communications: I check all reviews for my games and reply to them as much as possible. If I can, I want to reply to all of them. But I cannot do it because I receive a lot of reviews every day. At least I read all the reviews. I might ignore your reviews or emails to save my development time if you talk about things that I've already answered in this FAQ or ask me my private information. Thank you for your understanding.
    • Listening to requests to existing my games: I cannot promise I will accept all the requests because I don't have enough time or techniques to realize them. Besides requests from users often conflict each other. But I always listen to and consider your requests you give in reviews or emails.
      Although I won't accept new game's ideas because I already have a lot of ideas on my own and I want to realize many of them. Besides, it needs a lot of cost to make games: not only money but also time. I basically release games for free because I make games that I want to make. If you request me making a new game, that's like a hiring me as a programmer to make tailor made games. I can't accept it without getting proper fee.
      If you have a good idea of a game, you should realize it yourself, or pay money and hire professional developers to make your game.

  4. 4. Supporting my development.
    I added the donation feature to almost all my apps because some users wanted to support my development directly. The feature is just for donation; I won't give anything to each donator because of the purpose of the donation.
    In addition, I made my Patreon account on the Patreon website. I'd be happy if you'd become my patron and I can give you some bonus tiers there. For details, see my page on Patreon.
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  1. Q1. Can you make a multiplayer / online / PvP mode?
    Unfortunately, no, I can't. I've already tried to make real-time multiplayer games three times before. But I found it technically very difficult and it would take so long time to make it whether it is based on the internet or local (bluetooth).
    Making multiplayer based on the internet is like making a 60-story building, and bluetooth version is like a 20-story building. And I can only make a good doghouse. I mean required techniques are quite different between them.
    In addition, I'm making games by myself, and I only have two hands. It is almost impossible to control two or more devices by myself at once. It means I cannot even test the games enough. Therefore, I cannot make real-time multiplayer action games unless I have a good development team.
  2. Q2. Why are there no sounds? / The sounds suddenly stop and no longer play. / Part of the sounds are too big.
    Please check the volume setting of your device in Settings. Android has two or three types of volume settings, and sometimes one of them becomes zero or very big and that is used for the sound in my games. If you turn the volume up or down, you might be able to solve the problem soon.
  3. Q3. The translation is not good. Please fix it. / Please add the other language.
    I can only speak Japanese and English, and I'm not a native English speaker. I cannot speak other languages at all. So I need users help to release the other language versions. If you found better translation, please post it from translation project web page. The rules of the project are also written in each translation page.

    In addition, I can't release Thai version because the Thai language is hard for me to handle. I heard that Thai sentences have different meanings if you start a new line at different positions. I have to adjust not only the sentences themselves but also the positions of new lines because the lengthes of sentences are different among different languages, but about Thai, I can't insert line feed freely. It means I have to hire Thai translators every time I update my games. It will be too expensive.

    (Aug. 1st, 2019)
    I stopped to accept requests of new language versions. I've received such requests and prepared each translation project page, but only few people helped me and only a few sentences were translated. I think there are not many users who use those languages.
    In addition, I'm already supporting over 10 languages by myself. I have to translate new phrases and adjust the words and lengths every time I update my games, and this job had become heavier and heavier because of incresing the languages. It definitely affects my development speed. I think this way of supporting translation has already reached a limit in my development style.
    I often update my games, so it's also not easy to hire translators. If I hire them each time, a lot of money will be necessary. Hiring translators doesn't fit my development style.
    Until I come up with good solution, I won't accept requests of new language versions. I basically only accept translation or corrections of the languages for that I made the translation project web pages. Thank you for understanding.
  4. Q4. Please make a parody game of Naruto / One punch man / Bleach / Tokyo Ghoul / SAO / Dragon Ball etc!
    I've never watched these anime / manga except Dragon Ball, and I don't have a good parody idea of Dragon Ball. Also, I prefer to make my original games over derivative works. Sometimes I make parody games though, they are usually very small and short. "Stick of Titan" is the only exception and that's just because I got a lot of funny parody ideas from this anime. And it doesn't mean I will focus on updating "Stick of Titan".
    If you want formal and serious games of these manga or anime, not a parody, I cannot make it because I don't have the copyright of them. And it is very strict with getting permission in Japan to make such games. I think it would be better for you to ask making games to the official staff.
  5. Q5. Please fix the bug!
    At first, did you download the app from Google Play? I release my apps only on Google Play, so if you downloaded the app from other sites, that may be a pirated edition. I don't know pirated editions work well or not.
    Second, is your app the latest version? Please check there is new version or not. That bug might have been already fixed.

    In case that the app is the latest version... If the bug is critical to play the game, of course I'll fix it. For example you cannot clear the level because of the bug, etc. And in those cases, please let me know the details of the bug, the device model name of your derice, the version of the app, and if possible, tell me how to reproduce the bug. That is very helpful for me to fix the problem because if I don't know how to reproduce the bug, I can't know whether I fixed it or not.
    In addition, if the app has "Help" menu, press "Error Report" button in the menu and send me the error report. That will also help me to fix bugs. Although, if the button is disabled, the bug might have happened on your device, not on the app. Basically I can't do anything if the cause is on your device.

    Nevertheless, I don't have a lot of time because I'm making games by myself. Even if the bug seems simple and small, it may take 1 or 2 weeks to fix it, and the fixing work will sometimes cause new other bugs. Generally it is impossible for anyone to eliminate all bugs from a program. So if the bug doesn't affect gameplay so much, I'd appreciate it if you would pass over it.
  6. Q6. The game will be reset after interrupt (sleep, tap ads, etc).
    If you used the back button on your phone, it seems like that is the official behavior of Android. If you want to suspend to play a game, use the home button (the circle button) or the menu button (the rectangular button).
    If it happens even when you use the home button or when you tap the ads, it might be because the Google library on your device is old. Please try to update "Google Play Developer Services".
  7. Q7. The app doesn't work well.
    One day, suddenly an app doesn't work well... Or an app doesn't work from the beginning... Actually these problems often happen on all Android devices, and there are some common solutions. Please try below.
    • Did you download the app from Google Play? I release my apps only on Google Play, so if you downloaded the app from other sites, that may be a pirated edition. I don't know pirated editions work well or not.
    • Update "Google Play Developer Services".
    • Reboot your device.
    • Remove cache of the app (in "Settings" of your device) and re-install the app.
      * If the app has the save and load feature in the Settings menu of the app, I recommend saving your data before uninstall the app to keep your game data.
    • Remove cache of Google Play app (in "Settings" of your device) and re-install the app.
    • Remove update of Google Play app (in "Settings" of your device) and re-install the app.
    • Stop "Auto restoration" temporary (in "Settings" of your device. Somewhere like in "System" -> "Backup" -> App data) and re-install the app.
    • If that problem occurs after update OS version and a message about application compatibility is displayed from the system of your device, please follow the instruction.
    • If there is a help button on the app and "Error Report" button exists in that menu, please press it and send me the error report. If the button exists but is disabled, maybe that problem occured on your device, not on the app.
    • Update the OS on your phone. OS also has bugs and the bugs are fixed in each release of the OS. If the bug on the app relates to the bug of the OS, it would be solved if you update the OS.
    I cannot support more details like "how to remove cache of Google Play" because the way depends on device models and OS version, so search it by yourself. If you tried settings above and the problem wasn't solved yet, maybe there are problems depending on device. In that case, basically I cannot fix the problem unless I get the same device.
  8. Q8. Can you make 3D games / FPS / TPS?
    No, I cannot because I easily catch 3D sickness. Actually I cannot play most of 3D games let alone make such games.
  9. Q9. I cannot download / install this app!
    That is not a problem of the app, but of your device or Google Play app... If you cannot find an app in Google Play, that means your device doesn't satisfy requirements for using the app. If you can find the app but you cannot download it, there are some general solutions.
    1. Check the free space in your storage of your device. Is there enough room?
    2. Check the internet environment around your device. If it is not stable, find a stable environment and try downloading again.
    3. Reboot your device.
    4. Clear cache of Google Play app.
    5. Remove update of Google Play app.
    6. Update Google Play app.
    If an error message is displayed when you fail download or install, search that message on the internet. Maybe you can find correct solusions.
  10. Q10. Why don't you improve graphics?
    I'm not good at drawing pictures, and I'm making games by myself. So I made the priority of release speed higher than graphics quality.
    In addition, honestly, I'm not so interested in game graphics. I prefer to read novels over manga or anime because there are much more room for imagination. And I feel like that the graphics of recent games is too rich and even disturb me to enjoy the gameplay.

    I've asked for advice to a professional designer before about the graphics of Sakura Blade, and his opinion was like: It doesn't need to change the graphics because it's going well with the gameplay and worldview. I think it shows what design is, and I agree with his opinion.

    Of course I know many people want rich graphics in games though, that's not my way. If you think graphics is essencial to games, I recommend playing other creators' games.
  11. Q11. I want to remove the ads. How about adding in-app purchases to remove it?
    Actually it's not so easy.
    The graphics performance of some of my apps is already heavy on low spec devices. If the ad area is removed, the graphics area will become bigger and the apps will need more graphics performance to keep comfortable gameplay. But I can't expect it to low spec devices. If the ads are removed but the performance becomes lower, many users would get angry. However, I don't know how to solve it.

    In addition, recently I receive a lot of requests from the users of my games, and I've updated things based on their opinions. I do it because I want people to enjoy my games, but unfortunately people usually don't care about my cost and time to realize their requests. I release my games for free because I make games I want to make, but it's now hard to provide many things without any return. It seems like some people regard developers or game companies as their slaves, but they are not.
    If I get much more donation, I'll try to remove the ads.
  12. Q12. Why are some devices not supported?
    Because I received many bug reports from only the users who use specific devices, and some of the bugs on them are critical. I think there are some bugs depending on device, but I cannot fix all of them because I don't have the devices. That's why I stopped to release the app for the devices. If I get the devices, I'll check and fix the bug as much as possible.
  13. Q13. When will the next update come? / When will you release a new game?
    I announce my development schedule and progress on this web page on my web site. I update it at least once a month. If you are my patron and satisfy the condition, I'll show you a little bit more details (progress, plans of future new games, etc) on the Patreon website. Basically, I cannot say more details over these information.
  14. Q14. What will be the next update? / What will be the new game?
    Basically I don't unveil my plans before release. That's my policy. It's going to be a surprise.
  15. Q15. The app doesn't work correctly on my Galaxy phone/tablet.
    That's probably a problem of your devices because I received some bug reports only from some Galaxy users, but other users reported me the app worked well. I also bought two Galaxy devices to check those bugs, and borrowed two other models from my friends, but those bugs have never occurred on those devices.
    So I think the problem is depending on "your" device or the environment, but I cannot know the details unless I get a device where those bugs occur. And I cannot support individual user's devices. That's too much work for an individual developer. Since there are also a lot of users who haven't seen those bugs on their Galaxy devices, I think it's also not reasonable to completely stop to release my games for Galaxy.
    Unfortunately, I cannot do anything for those problems so far. I can only tell these solutions:
    • Renew your device to what are not Galaxy.
    • Try the web version of the game on browsers. The URL is written in the description of the app in Google Play store.
    • Try the web version on your PC. Usually PC version is more comfortable to play than the app version.
  16. Q16. What programs / tools / game engines do you use to make games? I want to make my own game!
    I only use standard development kit (Android SDK) for making Android apps. The programming language is Java. Also I'm making web version and PC version, but these programs are different each other. The web version is written in JavaScript and PC version is in Java.
    I don't use any game engines or game libraries because I want to support my games myself for a long time. Usually popular engines have a short life-span than my games. For example, my first game was released in 2000 and you can play it even now.

    If you want to make your own games, and you haven't experienced programming, I recommend using game making tools. I don't know a lot about the tools, especially the ones supporting languages except Japanese, but I suppose Cocos2d and RPG Maker are popular. Basically you have to have a PC to use these tools, but I heard some of them could run even on smartphones. Usually there are official support web sites for the game making tools and you can see how to make games, so check them on the internet.
  17. Q17. What does "GOWASU" mean?
    One of the Japanese dialect. From that word Japanese people feel masculine and feel like he is kind of from countryside.
  18. Q18. Can you add control using Joystick / controller / the other types of controls?
    I won't make it because not many users have Joysticks.
    Also, those controls are very different from the existing controls, so it will change the game balance largely and confuse many users. I can't change the gameplay especially if the game has the score ranking. If the new controls are easier to control the characters than the old ones, the record holders will get angry and feel like they are tricked.
    That's why adding new control is not that easy.
  19. Q19. The look & feel of some UI is strange!
    The specification including look & feel of Android is different within OS version and device models. For example, the below images are screenshots of the same app (Sorairo Garden) on different devices.

    Web example Xperia example Galaxy example

    Google says there are over 10000 Android device models in the world. It is impossible for me to support all of them.
    I'll try hard, but basically I can only test the devices that I have.
  20. Q20. Can you improve tap control? Sometimes it doesn't work well.
    Please clean the screen of your device. It's not a joke. The screen is usually pretty dirty even if it looks clean, and that affects the accuracy of tap control. I recommend cleaning it with a screen cleaner, not an eyeglass cleaner because the grime of finger deteriorates eyeglass cleaners soon.
    Even if the screen is clean enough, sometimes your device doesn't accept your tapping and there are some possibilities like your finger is dry, your device is busy because of the other apps running on the background, the accuracy of the tap sensor on your device is declining, etc. Of course there is a possibility that the app has a problem though, if there is really a problem on the app, there would be much more reports about the tapping on review pages on Google Play. So far, I've never seen a lot of reports about the tapping.
  21. Q21. Which data does the "Error Report" feature send?
    The sending data is below.
    • Date that an error happens.
    • Device name.
    • App name and version.
    • Error messages.
    And the below image is the exsample of error report. I won't show the whole error messages because that helps illegal people who want to hack the apps.
    Error report example

    These information is very helpful for me to find and fix bugs. So if the app has error report button in "Help" menu and the button is enabled, please press it and send the reports to me. I'll try to fix problems. If the app has that button but the button is not enabled, that means any errors haven't happend on the app yet. If the app crashed but the button is not enabled, that error might have occured on your device, not on the app.
    Not all my apps have this feature. I didn't add it to very simple games.
  22. Q22. Why did you stop to reply to reviews in Google Play? / Please reply to my email!
    About in Google Play, that's because the reviews increased too much. It takes too long time to reply to all of them, so I have stopped to reply since June 2017. But I'm checking all the reviews as heretofore, and if I feel necessary to reply (asked something not written in the FAQ, etc), or I have time, I'll reply to the review.
    About emails, I receive a lot of emails about my games. But I work on weekdays and basically I can only make my games on weekends. Besides I'm not an native English speaker, so both reading emails and writing replies in English take me a bit long time. Therefore I cannot always reply soon and cannot reply to all of them. Basically I won't reply to people who ask me the questions or requests that I've already answered in this FAQ or ask me the same things again.
    See also my development policy 3.
  23. Q23. Please make easier / harder mode! / Please make more difficulies!
    I like hard games, but I won't make too hard games because only a few people can enjoy it. In addition, I have to test my games and adjust the balance. Therefore I cannot make very hard games that I cannot clear.

    Also it's hard to adjust game difficulty because people have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some people say this game or stage is too easy but others say it's too difficult. There are also people who are not satisfied if they can't clear all the difficulties. So I'm not sure if there is a way to satisfy everyone.
  24. Q24. The app lags heavily.
    Please check other apps running on the background and stop them. For example, apps may lag while the other apps are updating.
    I'm always trying to improve the performance of my apps, but it is very difficult because it depends on the specifications of devices a lot. Escpecially, the latest device models have a large resolution of screen and that requires much more drawing performance. So sometimes the apps run better on old devices than the latest devices.

    If the version of the OS on your Android phone is less than 8.0, it would become better if you update it to 8.0 or later.

    If the apps have the web version, you can try it on your PC or mobiles. If there is the web version, the URL is written in the description of the app in Google Play.
  25. Q25. Please add hair / clothes to stickman!
    I don't think that is a good idea because they are just stickman and the graphics is too small to draw hair or clothes. Besides, I'm not good at drawing. If I had been able to draw more complex bitmaps, I wouldn't have used stickman.
  26. Q26. Why is this app not working correctly on my phone?
    In fact, there are so many small differences among Android device models, and all apps, not only mine, are affected by those differences. Some apps don't work on particular models because of the differences.
    In 2017 Google said there were over 10000 Android device models all over the world, and a lot of new models are released every year. It means that it is impossible for individual developers like me to support all the models.
    Besides, a problem only happens on a partilular device, for example only on "your" device, in many cases. It means I cannot even fix the problem let alone check it unless I get your device. But "getting your device" is obviously umpractical.

    About me, I am just an individual developer, not a company, so it is quite difficult to support many device models. If I am lucky enough to get a device of the model on which my app didn't work, I will be able to test it and might be able to fix the problem. But basically I cannot promise that I will support particular models. Thank you for your understanding.

    Some problems just depend on the state of your derice. There are a lot of common solutions to solve such problems, and I wrote some of them as the Q7 of this FAQ. Please try them.
  27. Q27. What is the black area above the game view? / Why is the screen cut off?
    The above area of the screen is for ads. If an ad is displayed correctly, the screen would look like the below image.
    But the ads are not displyed depending on the status of your device. If the device cannot show ads, the area will become just a black area. I cannot control the size of the area from the app because this area is automatically set by the ads library.
    Ad sample
  28. Q28. What does "sk_Mine" mean?
    My creator name is Mine. But this account was already used by other person when I tried registration to Google Play as a creator. So I added the initials of my website to the account name.
  29. Q29. Why are there not pages for the Traditional Chinese in the translation project?
    I made it before, but it was very confusing that if someone fixed a sentence in the Simplified Chinese, the person should also change the one in the Traditional Chinese, and the opposite is the same. So I unified them, and since then I only receive corrections for the Simplified Chinese. I'll translate it into the Traditional Chinese if necessary. Just so you know, there is no deep meaning that I chose Simplified Chinese. That's just because I received Simplified Chinese translation first.
  30. Q30. Can you make sandbox mode / open world games?
    No, I can't because I'm not sure what is fun on those games. Besides, open world games are usually 3D games, but I can't make 3D games as written in Q8.
  31. Q31. An error occurs when I try to buy in-app purchases.
    Basically, the features about in-app purchases are managed by Google, and many of the errors are caused by problems on your credit card. Therefore, if such errors happen, please contact Google or your credit card company.
  32. Q32. I can't see the video ads.
    Is your phone connecting to the internet? If it's online, you have to check the setting on your phone. Try removing ad ID on your device. The setting is commonly in Settings -> Google -> Advertisement -> Remove ad ID.
  33. Q33. Please add skins for stickman!
    That's difficult because the characters are just a stickman. Besides, I'm not good at drawing. I won't make cool ones. See also Q10.
  34. Q34. How about using Discord server? / I want to talk to you on chat!
    I don't have plans to use chat as a developer.
    Actually I've already tried having the time that the users can talk with me real-time on Sorairo Garden, but many people just requested me something and soon went away. I want people to enjoy my works, but I'm not a free arcade of them. The communication time just reduced my time for development. So I never use a chat as a developer.
  35. Q35. How about making xxx? / My ideas will make your games better!
    There are a lot of and various people who play my games, and their preferences and opinions often conflict with each other. Your ideas might not be good for other users.
    That's why I can't accept those ideas. I have to design games carefully.

    In addition, recently many users just send me their requests with paying nothing, and it takes a lot of time to even just check or reply to them. They reduce my developing time little by little.
    Basically you can play my games for free, I make and maintain my games by myself, and I'm not a company. So please don't expect reactions or services like paid services.
  36. Q36. The app won't resume when I pause it, see the other app or turn off the display, and get back to the app.
    I've heard that it seems like to freeze on some devices. The game won't resume even if you press the pause button. But if you wait a minute, you'll be able to press the pause button and resume the game.
    This bug seems to happen on some device models and on some particular OS version. But I can't fix it because the bug depends on particular environment and it's hard for me to prepare the same environment.
    If you can't wait to resume or can't resume at all, just restart the app.
  37. Q37. I want you to explain your program.
    So far, I don't have a plan to explain my programs. Recently there are some pirated versions of my apps, and if I explain my programs, the illegal people would take advantage of the information. That's why I don't want to reveal details about my programs.
    You might request me to turn my apps into open-source projects. I've never make it, and also I didn't design my apps for others. It will take a long time to organize my programs, so I won't have a plan to do it unless I find a lot of merit.
  38. Q38. Why are there almost the same games? Don't make the same games!
    Usually, there are also a lot of users who request me to make similar games to the games they liked. "Make similar games" and "Don't make similar games" are contradicting each other, so I can't satisfy both people.
    At least I don't make similar games in a row.
  39. Q39. Please make the iOS version!
    It's not easy to port a program to other environment because it's like you have to translate over 1 million sentences from English to Chinese or something that is a very different language. The programming languages for Android and iOS are very differnent like that. I make and maintain games by myself, I already support various environments and I don't have time to support any more environmants.
    Instead of that, I'm releasing the web versions of almost all my games. You can play them on your iPhone / iPad. See the game list page on this website.
  40. Q40. This game is too difficult! Make it easier!
    If that game has the easy mode, try it first.
    About action games, especially the bosses, watch their actions and behaviors carefully, and you'll find the patterns and be able to beat them easily.
    About simulation games, basically you have to try a lot of patterns to beat the enemies. I think that is simulation game, so if you want easier games, I don't recommend playing simulation games.
  41. Q41. I want to know the BGM titles / I want to download the musics. / How about releasing soundtrack of this game?
    Almost all the musics in my games are free materials distributed on the internet, and you can see the details of the materials in the "Help" - "Material List" menu. If the game doesn't have the help menu, see the app page on Google Play. You can find the URL of the material list in the description.
    If you want to download those music files, you can do it from each creator's website. However, most of the websites are only written in Japanese, and I cannot put up the direct links on my website because some distributors don't permit it. So if you cannot find the download links, please mail me. I'll send you a list of the download links.

    Since I don't have those music's copyright, I basically can't release soundtrack especially outside of the game (like on YouTube). And since they are not my creation, I'm not interested in making soundtrack mode on my games. If there are a lot of users who want the feature, I might make it, but basically I won't.
  42. Q42. Please make the sequel of this game! / add more things! / Will you make the sequel?
    I want to provide intereting games. Even if I make a long story for the game, I usually don't use the whole story. I choose the most interesting part and make it as a game. So basically I don't make the sequel of the game after finishing to make the game.
    I sometimes make the sequel of old games or update them when I get an interesting idea for it. So I can only say I will make the sequel if I get a good idea. I also have a lot of ideas of new games, so I don't focus on one game for a long time. It's just my style.
  43. Q43. I press the ads on the game by mistake. Remove it!
    I can't accdept such a request.
    I think this kind of request is like "I'm not good at playing a game. Fix it for my level!" I've played a lot of games and many of them had ads though, I've never pressed them by mistake, not only my games. So I can only say like "Practice harder."
    In addition, Android phone has virtual buttons (like home button, back button, etc) on the screen. If you mistap ads because they are on the screen, there is also possibility that you press home button or something by mistake. I'm not sure if such people should keep using Android phones or not.

    About ads on the screen, see also Q11.
  44. Q44. Why are some of your games not playable on Android?
    I had made games only for PC before, and I've already ported the games I can port to Android. There are some reasons that I can't port some of my games.
    • Too simple. Recently app stores tend to reject apps that are too simple.
    • The controls. For example, if you have to use keyboard to play the game, it's difficult to port it to Android because basically you can't use keyboard to play games. It's also difficult to change the control for Android especially if the game is an action game that needs rapid control.
    • The UI. Some games have unique UI like separated windoes, and it's difficult to port it to Android.

    If the reason relates to technique, I'll port it if I find a good solution. Until then, play those games on your PC.
  45. Q45. I found a pirated version of your games. Remove it!
    I can't remove all of them by myself because there are really a lot of illegal copies of my games and it appears one after another in various countries. So if you find a pirated version or a copy of my game, notice it to the author or the administator of the website. They might not know that their way is illegal.

    I basically release my games on my website, Google Play, and Vector (Japanese website). So if you find something that is different from my games like the title is "Sakura Brade 3" and you can't find it on my website, that is definitely a fake.
  46. Q46. I want to make derivative work based on your games. Can you permit it?
    Basically I permit people to make derivative works based on my games if it's not for commercial use. Make sure you show information about the original work somewhere near your work (in the manual, description field, credit, etc) like "This story is based on the game 'Sakura Blade'" and the URL of my website (https://sorakomi.com/).

    If it's a commercial use so that you'll get money from your work, I won't permit it because many users of my games live in other countries and it's difficult for me to handle the situation when money-wise trouble happens.
  47. Q47. I want a free mode / a map editor / a level editor.
    Making map editor is not so easy. It is necessary to make not only complex interface, but also database, connection, security, etc. It takes too long time to make it.
    If someone donates me a lot, I might be able to find time to make such features.
  48. Q48. The ads above the screen are too big!
    It seems like the ads above become over 1/4 of the screen size on some devices and it's because of a bug of a Google's library. All we can do is just wait for Google to fix the problem.

    About removing the ads, see also Q11.
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"Chronos Gem Stories"

  1. The concept of this game
    • I've received a lot of requests that asked me to make a shooter's game. I was not interested in the category though, I thought it would be a good chance to experience a new category for me and decided to make this game.
    • I've also received many reviews that people want a game with a shop system. It's also new for me to make such a game, so I tried to make it.
    • Basically you can access all the stages from the beginning, like Sakura Blade. But this game has a shop system and you can get some items that can have more power, so it's hard for you in this game to just go to the last stage and see the ending.
    • I don't use names of real guns because I don't want users to imagine real wars or weapons.
  2. CHR-Q1. The hit boxes are too small.
    Basically the hit boxes are bigger than the graphics of the enemies (see the picture below). If it gets bigger than the current setting, different problem can happen like you'll attack a different enemy from the one you want to attack. So I think it's not a good idea to just make the hit boxes bigger.
    Maybe you feel it hard to tap an enemy because the speed of the main character is very high. If you move slowly or use items that can slow your movement (it's not implemented as of Sep. 18, 2022), it would be easier to tap an enemy.

    hit box size
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"Breezy Rogue"

  1. The concept of this game
    • Easy roguelike game that is especially for people who are not good at playing those kind of games. I designed this game as there is 80 to 90% chance of winning each level without bringing items.
    • I've received some reviews that they like games with stories or they were surprised by some of my games having good (or not too easy) stories. That's why I made a story for this game again.
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"Sorairo Garden"

  1. SOR-Q1. I want to watch other player's fight!
    I don't have a plan to make it. I didn't adopt that feature on purpose to avoid unfair advice from gallery.
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"Two player Dai-hinmin"

  1. TWO-Q1. Why don't you make settings which can choose local rules?
    Originally I made the recording feature on this app to record the number of wins / loses in PvP battle. If you can choose detailed local rules, the result will be very complex or meaningless. That's why I didn't adopt settings to choose local rules.
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  1. VOL-Q1. What does the first / second setting in computer battle mean?
    If there are some characters who have the same speed, "first" player's character can move first. After that in the same cases each player's character can move on after the other.
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"Sakura Blade"

  1. The concept of this game
    • I designed this game for foreign users. I wanted to represent Japanese traditional atmosphere.
    • To follow my development policy, I designed this game easy to play: There are no elements you have to play it for a long time like level up, shop and money, limit of stamina that you can play it in limited time of day, etc. You can even access the last chapter from the beginning. Even if you get bored with this game but want to see the ending, you can soon start the final chapter and easily check the ending.
    • Novel like story: I like reading novels, so I made the expressions like novels. That's why the story has room to imagine. But at the same time I made the story simple and short because this is game and I wanted the users to focus on the gameplay.
  2. SAK-Q1. What is the original anime of this game?
    The story is my original.
    Sometimes I receive questions like this, but in my opinion, it's rude to ask it to creators. If you make a game and someone asks you like "Which game did you copy for your work?", what do you think?
    When I make parodies or derivative works, I tell it in description on Google Play and my web site. Please check them first.
  3. SAK-Q2. (Moved to the common category)
  4. SAK-Q3. (Moved to the common category)
  5. SAK-Q4. (Moved to the common category)
  6. SAK-Q5. (Moved to the common category)
  7. SAK-Q6. Please add shop / money / skill system!
    It's difficult to add these features from now because it will make this game like a different game. These features should be designed from the beginning of development.
  8. SAK-Q7. The bosses are too strong!
    About almost all bosses, you can weaken them by particular special techniques. If you feel a boss too strong, try some techniques.
    See also Q40.
  9. SAK-Q8. Kasha (the boss in chapter 17) is too strong!
    You shouldn't beat him in chapter 17. As the story part is saying, you should escape from him. You should go to the deep forest (the left of the map), and at the left end of the map, you will find something. I think you can understand what to do when you arrive there.
  10. SAK-Q9. Why is the enemy in chapter 31 (turn into evil) big from the beginning? I think changing small to big is better.
    At first I made it little at the beginning, the same size as Mikage, but that was hard to see what happened and there was not enough impact. That's because the change usually happens far from the player character and they look smaller because of the distance. So I made it bigger for explicitness.
  11. SAK-Q10. Who are the two people next to Mikage in her ending?
    Her parents' souls. The hints are hair style of one of them (like Ayame) and they are transparent. I know it's not very clear, but I don't have better idea to express them because they are just stickman and I thought explain it in words didn't go well with the way of the whole story telling in this game.
  12. SAK-Q11. What does the Mikage's ending mean?
    I think you look into it too much. The story is very simple, but it's not a manga. Also, I think even if I explain the story, you won't be able to enjoy it. So I don't want to explain it. If you cannot understand it, please imagine freely. One of the perspectives is ... "she is not alone".
  13. SAK-Q12. The last boss is too easy. Please make her stronger.
    That is just my design. This game was designed for busy people, so you can choose any levels from the beginning. Also even if you get bored of this game but you want to see the ending, you can choose the last level and see the ending easily. You are not necessary to waist your time.
    Besides, in terms of the story, she was not soon able to become very strong (than god) because she became evil newly.
  14. SAK-Q13. (Moved to the common category)
  15. SAK-Q14. When do you make the sequel?
    I was thinking of making the sequel, but I decided to hold off on the release because I couldn't find good music for it. I thought of using the same music as the part 1 though, it wouldn't be natural because the main characters are different. Free materials of Japanese style music are very rare, and the music of the part 1 were too good. If I can find good ones, I'll reschedule the release of the part 2.
  16. SAK-Q15. I want to play as the bosses!
    I didn't design the bosses as playable, so it is difficult to make it from now. For example, the bosses have various motions, but you can control it by only tap control on app, so designing the control is very difficult.
    Maybe I can make it on PC version because there are many interfaces like mouse and keyboard, but it is hard for users to control them only by tap control on the app version.
  17. SAK-Q16. Please add more characters / weapons / attacks!
    I have some ideas of new characters and weapons, but it is difficult to add them into the story from now because the story has already ended. So I think it is better to make them in the sequel as the other app. About the sequel, see also SAK-Q14.
  18. SAK-Q17. Why do Mikage and Edmond have the same attacks?
    As written in the character setting section, I differentiated the two characters only with the atmosphere. As they have the same attacks, you can try the score ranking by using the character which you like better.
  19. SAK-Q18. Why can't I use one of the characters / some features now? Did you remove them?
    No. Probably you uninstalled this app before, right? He is a secret character, so you can't choose him from the beginning. Also you can't use some features from the beginning. Clear the story stages again, and you'll be able to use them.
  20. SAK-Q19. Why can I only see a few enemies when I'm on the ground?
    About the camera scale, I wanted to represent the change of the perspective: If you are in a high place, you can see farther. In addition, this camera work gives you a refreshing feeling. If the camera scale doesn't change from the beginning, you might feel it natural. But if I get rid of the scale changing now, many users would feel that this game became boring.
    I know this way is not perfect, but I have tried a lot of patterns of camera works and the current work was the best.
  21. SAK-Q20. Why do I get damage when I use the last two special techniques?
    At first, I designed the techniques without penalties. But I soon noticed that this game becomes too easy if you can use the techniques freely. That's why I added the penalty.
    If you want to use the techniques more, I recommend trying the easy mode. You have more health in the mode, so that you can use the techniques easily.
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"Stick of Titan"

  1. The concept of this game
    • I designed this game as a simple parody of the anime "Attack on Titan", not a fan game or just a copy of the anime. I designed this game not only for the anime fans but also people who have never watched the anime.
    • I make mini games that are based on the scenes in the original anime.
    • I wanted to represent the irrational worldview of the original anime, so you only have one health and will be killed by the enemies easily.
    • This is a set of mini games, so I keep the simpleness among the levels.
    • It's a derivative work, so I won't focus on updating this game. My original games always take a priority.
    • I only make parodies based on the anime, not on the manga because I don't like reading mangas very much.
    • At first I made this game just for practice of a new control for "Sakura Blade", that's why some controls and actions are very similar between these games.
  2. EMO-Q1. Please make collosal / beast / dancing or other boss titans battle!
    I have not seen some of them yet, so I cannot make the parodies until I see them. I have seen some of them, but making boss titans is more difficult than normal titans because the actions are complex. It takes a long time to design them as game characters, so don't rush me. If I get interesting parody ideas, I'll add new levels based on them.
  3. EMO-Q2. "Despair" / "hard mission" are too difficult! Please make it easier!
    The levels labeled "hard mission" were designed for the hard-core users who said this game was too easy, so these levels are very difficult. I cannot make them easier because that's against the purpose of the levels. Especially, in terms of the boss titans, many users will complain to me if the bosses are easy to beat.
    About "Despair", if you want to beat the red titan easily, wait for one minute after the level starts. And then power up item which looks like a wing appears. If you get it, you'll be able to use a special attack so that you can attack her easily.
  4. EMO-Q3. Why is there no BGM in some levels?
    The levels in opening parody category are parody of the first anime opening track, but I cannot use the music because of its copyright. That's why the levels have no BGM.
  5. EMO-Q4. (Moved to the common category)
  6. EMO-Q5. (Moved to the common category)
  7. EMO-Q6. Can you make story mode / campaign mode?
    I designed this game as just a simple parody, not a fan game or just a copy of the origina anime. Besides, I don't have the copyright of the scenario. The parody part has originality, but the story part will be just the copy of the original one. That's why I cannot make it.
    If you want a real game that has the original story, I recommend playing the official games.

    (Jun 26th, 2020)
    I added a feature to the Android app version. With the feature, you can change the story part of each level. There is also a feature that you can change the order of the levels. If you want a story mode, you can make similar one with these features by yourself.
  8. EMO-Q7. Please make all the characters of original manga!
    I designed this game as just a simple parody, not a fan game or just a copy of the origina anime. So I don't represent characters obviously. In addition, I cannot use them because of its copyright. Instead of that, I represent characters as difficulty. The easy mode is like Levi, the normal is Mikasa and the hard is Eren.
  9. EMO-Q8. How to clear "Run Away"?
    In "Run Away" you can find gray pole and a man standing on the pole at the end of the map. Press the net button when the red titan laps over the pole, or during the man is raising his hand, and you'll capture the titan and clear the level.
  10. EMO-Q9. This game is too difficult! / This game is too cruel!
    This game is a parody of anime, "Attack on Titan", and I represent the irrational worldview of original anime. I think the original one is much more cruel ... and in the original anime, human cannot kill titans easily like this game.
  11. EMO-Q10. Please add 3DMG / cape / costume / wire to character!
    I'm not good at drawing pictures, so that's too hard work for me. Actually I've already tried to add 3DMG and some accessories but they didn't look cool. I think that's because the characters are just stickman. In addition, I cannot use the real design because of the copyright.
    About the wire, I've also tried to show it while you are flying, but it looked just annoying and it also affected the ease of playing. So I decided to show the wire in limited cases.
  12. EMO-Q11. I cannot attack the enemy! / It is too hard to tap the neck of enemies! / Please make the hit boxes bigger!
    The hit boxes on enemy's necks are already big. See the below screenshot. The blue rectangle is the hit box, and the red ones are the damage boxes.
    If you feel hard to tap the neck, maybe that's because of the touch sensor's accuracy of your device, the lag of the app, the speed of this game, etc. Not due to the hit box's size. It means the feeling depends on each device, so it's very difficult to adjust it.
    hit box and damage box
    Some users say it is better to tap the back of the head, not the neck. This information might help you.
    Just so you know, if you succeeded to tap the neck, a yellow circle effect appears.
  13. EMO-Q12. (Moved to the common category)
  14. EMO-Q13. (Moved to the common category)
  15. EMO-Q14. The gas limit is too few!
    I think the gas is enough, and I've already increased the gas limit twice. Maybe you tap the screen too rapidly. Please use the gas economically.
  16. EMO-Q15. (Moved to the common category)
  17. EMO-Q16. Please add shop / money / skill system!
    I designed this game to have various mini games, not only fighting levels, so it is difficult to add those system from now.
  18. EMO-Q17. Please add more weapons!
    Basically I only make things based on the original anime. And there are not many weapons in it. If I see the sequel of the anime, find a new weapon and get an interesting parody idea of it, I'll add a new level that you can use the weapon.
  19. EMO-Q18. I want to cut the leg of titans! / I want more blood!
    There are already many users who feel scared from the expression of this game. Besides, I don't like Gore expressions. So it's diffuclt for me to make such features.
    In addition, there are already many users who feel difficult to tap the neck of the enemy. If there are more hit boxes on their arms, legs or somewhere, that will make many users confused and stressed. Therefore it's not easy to make features like cutting legs.

    (Jun 28th, 2019)
    I tried making the feature of cutting arms / legs in the level "Beast". I made the enemies bigger in order to make the control easier. Again, even if this feature becomes popular, I can't change old levels because the change will affect the score ranking. At least now, just after releasing the level, I'm not sure if the feature becomes popular or not.
  20. EMO-Q19. Nothing happened when I pressed the "Reinforcements" button in the "Run Away" level.
    You can get extra reinforcements when you press the button, but not every time. It represents the danger of the battlefield and lack of soldiers in the original anime. As a game, I know, this specification is not easy to understand. But I designed this game as just a parody, not a serious game, so I adopted to represent the feature of the original manga in this case. Don't worry, I designed this level's difficulty as you can clear it without extra reinforcements.
  21. EMO-Q20. Why don't you make the sequel / season 4?
    Because I've not seen the sequel of anime. I only watch the anime version and it was only broadcast to the end of the season 3 (as of 2019). If I watch the sequal and find good parody ideas, I'll add new levels based on it.
  22. EMO-Q21. Please add more images to the background.
    Actually it's not that easy. If I put more background images, the drawing performance will become very low. It will impact more on low spec devices. Maybe there is a technical problem, but I haven't found the solution yet.
  23. EMO-Q22. Please make it more real! / xxxx is different from the original anime!
    I designed this game as just a simple parody, not a fan game or just a copy of the origina anime. Besides I don't have the copyright to use the design in the original anime. If you want to play real games, I recommend playing the official games.
  24. EMO-Q23. (Moved to the common category)
  25. EMO-Q24. I want to stand on titan's head. / I want more detailed wire action. / I want to grab the buildings. / I want a feature of exchange blade.
    I designed this game as a simple action game, so it is difficult to add complex actions from now.
    Besides I guess such actions are implemented in other creators' games, like official games or 3D games.
    Complex actions are not suitable for the concept of this game. If you like complex actions, I recommend playing the official games.
  26. EMO-Q25. Why don't you put the original anime's soundtrack?
    I cannot use them because of its copyright.
  27. EMO-Q26. I want to input the character's name!
    (Changed) I've added the feature. See the settings menu of the app.
  28. EMO-Q27. Please add skins!
    That's difficult because the characters are just a stickman. Also I cannot use skins like original manga because of its copyright. See also Q10.
  29. EMO-Q28. Please make "vs. 10000"! / Please make infinite version of "vs. 1000"!
    I have tried some patterns of "vs. 1000", like 2000, 10000 and also infinite enemies, but I found that if there are too many enemies, I will get bored soon. Therefore I think 1000 is the best.
  30. EMO-Q29. Please change the old levels!
    I won't change the old levels because that will affect the score ranking. So I won't accept requests like adding weapons, making it easier, moving or adding enemies, etc.
  31. EMO-Q30. Please make levels like "Team Play" more!
    Sorry I can't. Actually the control in "Team Play" is not good enough to apply to other battles, especially the battles that have two or more enemies, and it's not easy to adjust or improve it. If I get good ideas, I would apply it to new levels.
  32. EMO-Q31. Please make levels like "Transformation" but in the forest!
    Actually it is not easy to make such a level because the height of the jump when you are in the titan form is too low to jump onto the branches. If the enemies can go up on the branches, you will be stressed. If the enemies cannot go up on the branches, the level will not be interesting because it's almost the same as a flat level.
  33. EMO-Q32. I think adding xxxx makes this game better!
    As I wrote in the description, I designed this game as a simple parody of the scenes of the original anime, not a fan game or just a copy of the anime. So basically I won't add your original ideas or things not existing in the original anime.
    Besides, as written in the Q4, making parody is not my main work. If you liked the gameplay of this game and you want original stories or features, I recommend playing some of my other games. If you just like the original anime, I recommend playing the official games.

    Recently many users just send me their requests and it takes a lot of time to check and reply to them. I make and maintain my games by myself, and they reduce my development time little by little. You can play my games for free, so don't expect reactions or services like paid services. In order to save my time, I might ignore your emails or messages.
    See also my development policy 3.
  34. EMO-Q33. I died in spite of not hitting titans' hands! It isn't fair!
    I think you hit their mouth. Even the boss titans have their mouth like normal titans' one although you can't see the mouth. I got rid of mouth graphics from the bosses because it looked stupid, but if I even get rid of the mouth hit areas, the game will become too easy.
    The mouth area is also important for expressing the original anime's feature: you have to attack the titans' neck from their back because their weak points are there. If there are not mouth areas, you'll be able to attack them from their front and it will seem like you cut their throat, not the neck.
  35. EMO-Q34. You should make it as you can attack the titans only from their behind!
    Actually I made it like that at first, but I changed it because many users said that's too difficult to attack if you can only attack them from their behind. It's maybe because the graphics is too simple so that it's hard to understand what happened if you are killed when you tried to attack them from their front. In addition, the specification is not easy to understand for people who have never watched the original anime. That's why I changed the specification many years ago, and I think the current way is better for many users.
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"Binge of Fish Sausage"

  1. SAU-Q1. Can you increase the number of sausages?
    I can, but I won't do it because I don't think it will make this game much more interesting. Besides, I don't come up with funny messages on the background more.
    I made this game for the one-day game programming contest, and also this game is a kind of joke. I don't have plans to improve it.
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"Which is Yoshida?"

  1. YOS-Q1. What is the conditions of the endings?
    The conditions of the endings relate to the number of correct answers and total time of your answers. In addition, there is a special secret ending if you only tap the particular guy.
  2. YOS-Q2. Please add more questions!
    I sometimes come up with a good idea of a new question, but I can't update this app frequently because it takes time to release updates. So I decided that I would add new questions when I get 10 new ideas. Of course it's not easy to come up with good ideas, so please don't rush me.
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"Come on 285 enemies! 2"

  1. The concept of this game
    • The sequel of the part 1, and the main character can move because many users of the part 1 requested it to me.
    • You can easily clear this game. You can beat all the bosses with one shot of specific special techniques.
    • The experiment of a "jump" feature. I received a lot of requests on "Sakura Blade" and "Stick of Titan" like they want to jump, not fly. I thought it was not interesting because jump is very limited compare to fly, but I decided to try it at least once.
  2. BAT2-Q1. Why can't I get some special techniques?
    There is a condition to get the special techniques. The condition is very easy, so please try to find it yourself.
    I can't reveal the condition in public because some users are enjoying finding it themselves. So if you can't find the condition and want to know it, click here.
  3. BAT2-Q2. Why is only one of the 285 enemies red?
    The meaning is the same as the one for the part 1. See BAT-Q7.
  4. BAT2-Q3. This game is too easy. Make it harder!
    The answer is the same as the one for the part 1. See BAT-Q3.
  5. BAT2-Q4. This game is too difficult! Make it easier!
    The answer was moved to Q40.
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"Come on 285 enemies!"

  1. The concept of this game
    • For busy people: You can clear this game in 5 minutes.
    • You can easily clear this game. You can clear almost all the stages with one shot of the special techniques.
    • You even don't have to move (actually you can't move at all).
  2. BAT-Q1. What does the number 285 mean?
    This game was made for one-day programming contest, and the theme of the contest was "285" at that time. Why was it 285? I don't know.
  3. BAT-Q2. How to get special techniques?
    There are many users who want to find the condition themselves, so I cannot show the answer in public. I only write the hint.
    1. You can get different techniques in each stage. So if you get the technique in the first stage, you cannot get the other techniques in the stage.
    2. The condition of getting special techniques is the same for all techniques. If you get the technique in the first stage, you can get the other technique in the second stage by beating enemies in the same way.
    3. The special technique buttons are set in order of the stages in which you got the techniques. Check the empty positions, and you can guess the stage which you haven't gotten the technique yet.
    If you cannot find the conditions at any cost, click here.
  4. BAT-Q3. This game is too short. I want more stages! / Make it harder!
    I made this game for busy people who have only a few rest time, that's why this game is very short and easy.
    If you like games which you can play for a long time, this game is not for you. If I make the sequel, I'll make much more stages.
    See also Q23 about the difficulty of my games.
  5. BAT-Q4. How can I clear the last stage without using special techniques?
    I can only say, practice harder... Use punch and kick well.
  6. BAT-Q5. Why can he kick in spite of his feet stuck?
    Read the story and the graphics more carefully. His "foot" is stuck, not his "feet".
  7. BAT-Q6. I can't beat the enemies when I punch or kick. / Punch and kick are not available in some stages.
    I've received the reports about the bug from some users, but I can't fix it because it only occurs on specific devices and I don't have them. It might be caused by the other apps or the settings of your derice, and it's almost impossible to fix the bug in this case unless I get the device. So if I can get devices on which the bug occurs, I'll try to fix it.
    If the bug happens all the time, let me know how to reproduce the bug.
    See also Q7 and try some settings.
  8. BAT-Q7. Why is only one of the 285 enemies red?
    The red one means the 285th enemy in the stage. He appears at last, so you can make sure he is the last enemy and use a special technique to beat all of them at once.
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